Making An Entrance To The Church Of Your Wedding

When getting married in any sort of venue, the pressure is on to fit the surroundings. Many churches, although built in recent years and decades, hold true to their original past from the Gothic era. The architecture is marvellous, and the stone sculptures of angels and other mythical creatures stand out profusely. The guests and the groom will be waiting, and most likely will get to the place where you’ll take your vows, up to an hour before you do. Being the bride isn’t easy, and looking fantastic during the day is going to be decided on one moment. When you step out of your car or carriage, you want to immediately stop the world in its tracks. The entrance should look amazing, with all manner of style and drama. There are a few good ways to ensure you’ll make an entrance and turn everybody’s heads.

Floral archway and decorations

A great way to add little natural colour, without it looking forced. Archways, made from real flowers, intertwined with branches, twigs, and leaves, contrast the white wedding dress perfectly. The great thing about a little natural blossoming colour in the form of flowers is that the bouquet on display will not challenge or overshadow your dress. You can pick the type you want that will suit your personality as the flowers themselves can express who you are. Dark purple lilacs are great for a typical English wedding as the flower is greatly regarded in the countryside. You could also wrap, thin but noticeable vines around the outside of the church at the mouth of the entrance for a little natural symbolism. The vines that wrap around the stairs, the designs on the exterior of the church could add a little botanical wonder, while also, representing your love.

Arriving in style

The way you turn up to the church is also going to be crucial for the long-lasting memory you give your groom and the guests. Because your wedding is obviously going to be a bit traditional since it’s in a church, you should narrow your transport options down to two. The first is obviously a swanky, vintage care; the other is the old and bold, horse and carriage. First thing’s first, if the transport cancels or misses their deadline, you could be left out to dry, so book a wedding insurance policy from a company like Choose from nine levels of cover, and the different tiers offer multiple layers insurance. For the horse and carriage, you should make sure the horses are kept healthy by reading the animal welfare policy of the company you plan on booking. For a vintage car transport, it’s much simpler, but they have been known to look great on the outside, but be old and rusted on the inside. Make sure to check the reliability of the company you book.

Looking fabulous on your wedding day is what every woman wants, but as the old saying goes, first impressions matter. When you step out of your car or carriage, the flowers from the archways will be blowing petals onto you, and the colour will boost your white dress even more. With a little confidence, this combination could be that memory everyone talks about a decade from now.



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