What Makes The Perfect Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings often get more attention than actual wedding rings themselves. In fact (whisper it quietly) but I think they’re better than wedding rings! We all have dreams of being given the perfect engagement ring, but what would that look like?

If you’re reading this with the intention of buying an engagement ring for someone, then here are a few tips to help you make the best purchase possible.

The Fit

A lot of people don’t think about this, but I place great value on how well the ring fits. It’s not a major issue if an engagement ring is too big or small, as you can always go and get it refitted. However, it’s just better when the size is right first time around. To me, it shows extra effort has gone to figuring out the correct size without the recipient finding out. It means they’ve really planned everything out, making the ring itself all the more thoughtful. If you’re reading this and don’t know the size of your other half’s ring finger, then there are some tips here that might help: https://www.brilliantearth.com/news/how-to-find-out-her-ring-size-without-her-knowing/.

The Diamond

Now, if I were a lawmaker, I’d probably make it illegal for an engagement ring to not have a diamond on it. For me, this is the biggest feature of a great ring. But, you may be surprised to know that size doesn’t matter. Take a look at the rings here, https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/tacori/ and you will see they have diamonds of varying sizes, yet the bigger ones aren’t necessarily ‘nicer’ than, the smaller ones. The key with diamonds is quality. You want a diamond that looks sharp, clean and glistens in every type of light. You don’t want a dull diamond, as this makes your ring look like it’s harbouring a piece of glass. Quality over size people, remember that!

The Colour

Engagement rings come in various colors; gold, silver, platinum, rose gold – and so on. I think the majority of rings I see are either silver or platinum. I’m not saying these aren’t great colors, but you can turn a great ring into the perfect one by paying close attention to what your partner loves. If they’ve been banging on about how much they love rose gold rings, and you buy them a silver one, that doesn’t paint you as the most thoughtful person ever does it?! Choose a color that you know your partner will love, as this can take your ring to the next level.

Obviously, the ‘perfect’ engagement ring is dependent on the person. But, these three points should be your main concerns if you’re buying a ring. Try and buy it in the right size to show you’ve gone the extra mile. Buy a ring with a good quality diamond on it – don’t assume the size of the diamond makes it a good one! Finally, take a moment to think about the color, ensuring you pick one your partner will love the most. All of this combines to make the ring all the more thoughtful, and generally better.


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