Make Your Home A Warm & Comfortable Haven

When the weather is less than delightful, it often makes you a little bit miserable. There is nothing more lovely however than walking into your warm and cosy home. You have the central heating on, you’re lighting lovely scented candles, and making hot chocolates galore. It’s definitely one of my favourite times. What if your home is less haven and more winter tundra though? They are many ways you can help your home to feel warm and cosy.

Blankets & Cushions

One of the easiest ways to inject a little warmth into your life is to wrap a big blanket around you. There are so many different types of blankets to choose from at the moment. From fleecy styles with arms, to oversized knitted fancies, you are bound to find one that will keep you warm and be suited to your taste. Cushions also help to create comfort, and again there are an array of different textures, fabrics and colours.

Homecooking & Hygge

Remember Hygge? I’m always down for a movement that encourages you to eat more delicious food. Obviously that isn’t all that Hygge represents but it is definitely an aspect and I am down for that. I have actually began to cook from scratch a LOT more, and there is nothing more rewarding or warming than eating a big bowl or plate of homemade dinner like shepherds pie or stew. Even things like crumble and custard can really make you feel lovely and cosy.

Making Sure Everything Is Tiptop

The one thing that will make a marked improvement to the heat in your house is of course your central heating boilers. You need to make sure that they have been checked recently and are working in tip top shape. This is easier to do if you know what you are doing, but if you are anything like me, call in a professional!

Colour Therapy

Did you know that colours can be attributed to feelings. This can also be true when it comes to cold or cool colours versus warm colours. These warm colours are of course obvious and range from oranges to reds and even pinks. You don’t need to go all out and paint your walls a bright tomato red, but by adding touches of warm colours here and there, you will definitely be able to notice the difference on how your brain perceives those rooms.

Candles & Aromatherapy

Much like colours, light and aromatherapy can help relax you, and warm you up! Burning essential oils that have a little spice in them can not only conjure fantastic memories of Wintry periods like Christmas, but can actually help to trick your brain into thinking it’s a lot warmer. Think of scents like cinnamon, ginger and sandalwood. Really rich and almost spicy scents are so warming and delicious! Whether you burn candles, melt waxes or use essential oils, definitely try these scents out.


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