Make The Most of a Small Living Space and Create The Illusion of Space

Having a large and spacious home can be the stuff of dreams for many of us. But do you know what? Living in a home that is a little on the smaller side doesn’t mean that it has to look cramped, small, and drab. Your living space, regardless of the size, needs to be able to work as more than just one thing; from entertaining to relaxing, your living space has more than one function. So a room that not only looks good, but looks spacious and practical is key to the design. Here are some tips to make the most out of a small living space, but still helps it to look good.

Use Mirrors

Using mirrors in the home are great in so many ways. They reflect light, that can make a room look much brighter and lighter. And when a room is brighter and lighter it is going to give the illusion of being larger. But not only will mirrors make a room look brighter, it will help to create the illusion of space too. Imagine having one mirrored wall, for instance. It would effectively double the size of the room, at least to look at anyway. So don’t underestimate the power of using mirrors in the home.

Use Neutral Colours

One of the best solutions for small rooms is to keep them decorated in light and natural tones. Dark colours, like a deep purple or blue, can really stunt a small room as it makes it much more obvious where the wall meets the ceiling and where the wall meets the floor. Using a palette of off-whites and beige will give the appearance of expanding the space, and helping to crete that light and airy feel of the room. Stick to lighter colours in the furniture that you use too.

Consider Storage

Speaking of furniture, the kind of furniture, particularly the storage furniture that you use, can have an impact on the look of the space. A site like, for example. It has a range of sideboards that are slender, so that they don’t protrude too far from the walls. Interior designer Kelly Hoppen is a fan of floating shelves as they can be used as storage but they don’t take up any floor space, as in this article: So think carefully about the furniture that you use in a small space. You want it to open the space up, not to take it over and make it look smaller.

Draw Eyes Upwards

All rooms have several dimensions, and they have a vertical dimension as well as a horizontal one. So think about making the most of the horizontal dimension by drawing people’s eyes upwards as they enter a room. This could be done with intricate cornices, as well as using things like floor to ceiling drapes.

Have you got any plans to redecorate this year? Just remember these few tips and a small room can be looking good in no time.


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