Make Your Home Brand New Again

Do you ever feel like you’ve outgrown your home? Or your home has outgrown the times? It’s easy enough to do. With so many new homes being created, it’s hard to stay happy with your own, especially when some of the designs are absolutely stunning. It can leave you longing to move to a new home, or to change your own. Changing you own is definitely going to be a lot easier. But what can you do to make your home feel brand new again? Well, there’s a few simple steps, some not even that expensive that can change the whole look of your house.

A New Lick Of Paint

This works wonders on any home. It’s often the case that many people leave the walls the same in their house for years. After time you’ll start to notice finger marks from either yourself, or worse, your children. Even little marks from where your bag may have hit the way. It all seems to go a bit dreary after a year. So it’s advised to paint your rooms annually to keep them as fresh looking as possible. It may not be a huge task, but it does work wonders in terms of giving your house that fresh look it needs. If you have wallpaper rather than paint then you have the power to make an even bigger transformation. With paint, you tend to just stick to one colour. But with paper you can get a little more creative. There are some really beautiful designs in terms of wallpaper, or you can chose to keep it neutral. A lightish grey wallpaper with cream furniture and carpet is such a lovely look at the minute, we’ll explore it more later on.

New Bedroom

The bedroom is usually the last place to be decorated. But why? It’s the one place where you can go and escape and have some alone time. So it really should be the first place you’re renovating. If you want to do it properly, you’re going to have to go for a full refurb. It might be easier to use companies such as Squab Storage to store your bed and furniture just to make the most of space. Start by getting in the newest fluffiest carpet you can. It’s usually the case that the fluffier the carpet, the more expensive it is. But it’ll pay off during the winter time

If your old furniture is good enough, then focus on what you can add. A fluffy rug will go perfect against the new carpet, and maybe even consider getting some mood lighting. You can either get one’s that you can put behind your headboard to illuminate, or a box that projects the colours around the room. Whichever one you chose, it’ll help you relax on the evening. Be sure to decorate the walls, whether it be new paint of wallpaper to give it that really fresh look.

Those are just two simple ways you can make your home feel brand new again. Be sure not to neglect any of the other rooms though!


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