Looking For The Wedding Of A Lifetime?

Look no further! The idea of the dream wedding has changed a little since the time of antiquity, and no longer are you expected to rustle up a dowry to make the day go a little sweeter. However, a lot of tradition has stuck, and sometimes delving into this is what makes us feel special, and like we’re really going all out for one of the best days of our lives.

Know What You Want

The first thing you need to do before you start any planning: you need to make sure you know what you’re doing. Don’t tear your hair out from the start, sit down with your partner and discuss things properly between you.

You can even hire a wedding planner if you really don’t know what’s happening, as it can make the process a lot smoother. Be sure to also rely on your friends and families, as they often have their own experiences to share. This way you can pick and choose ideas, and combine them into your dream day.

Picking the Right Date

There’s a lot of debate over what is the best date for a wedding, but we can all agree it usually should be booked within your favourite time of the year. Picking the date is the first step in planning your wedding, as it gives you a goal to work towards and also a good schedule to work off of.

A day that’s significant to you is probably the best one to plump for, as this makes it a good anniversary to celebrate at the same time. Want to marry on the day the two of you first met? It’s super romantic, and broadcasts exactly how strong you feel about each other to all those gathered to revel in your love.

If you think this kind of date needs something more private about it, why not try a public holiday instead? Of course Christmas and New Year dates are the most popular for these events, but you can choose any that means something to the both of you. Mother’s day, if you both love to honour the special women in your lives, or maybe Father’s day if you’re thankful for your old dad.
Forget the idea that you’ll rue the day if you marry in May; if you like a spring wedding, start planning about 6 months before it. Despite May having a sense of bad luck about it since the Roman period, if you don’t believe in it, it can’t hurt you or your prospects in any way! Give those old wives tales a miss.

Choosing the Right Venue

When it comes to finding the right environment, you need something that you and your partner are going to love, and anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter! It’s as simple as that.

However, if you’re looking for a few suggestions, here’s some handpicked for you.

You’re going to want a place that surrounds you with your personality, and to also see your partner in it as well. This could be the age old church, which is often perfect for a variety of people, yet there’s often a few stipulations you have to abide by to use one. If that’s not for you, you can choose a club the both of you favor, or head to the beach, or even have your weddings overseas with the blue sky in the background. Think big and aim for the stars, it’s what you deserve!

If you like a mix between the indoors and outdoors, you can hire out a big venue with a good landscape to it, like that of an old house. Speaking of, if this kind of venue is for you, try out the bookings for Adlington Hall and Gardens, as there’s a good mix between beauty and history here. It makes all the photos look good, and helps you to feel extra special, like an olden day Princess.

Finding the Dress (and Suits)

The dress is arguably the biggest part of the day. It’s what’s reported on in all the magazine when a celeb graces the stage, and sticks out in the public mind even months on from the main event. Give yourself a good budget, along the lines of £500 to £1000 if you’re on a lower line of income or just prefer it, and scout out the best shops that cater to you.

Make sure you spend a lot of time shopping around, and try on as many outfits as you want. It makes you feel extra prepared for your big day, and also is just fun for you and your mates to have a day out with. Book plenty of fittings in case of changes to either your gown or your body, and be double sure it’s the item you want to glide down the aisle in when the time comes.

Low backed gowns are incredibly popular, and is a good way to show off your style and toned skin, all ready for your dream wedding day. Pick the best jewellery to accompany your main piece, and make sure it’s an accompaniment rather than the eyecatcher.  

Still Use Paper and Pen

If you’re thinking of sending out wedding invitations via email or using technology, pause for a second and think. What would be really nice to design, write in your own handwriting, and receive as a personalised letter if you were a guest? That’s right, it’s physical wedding invitations!

You can use any materials you want, in any colour, with a little sparkle here and there. If not, you can go with a minimalist design with a hand drawn border, and make the writing all neat and joined up for a more sophisticated feel. You have a lot more creative freedom via your own hand than using a computer tool; after all, your brain is a lot smarter than a motherboard.

It’s a lovely touch to use for your big day, and it means you put a little extra effort into it, allowing you to be proud of everything you’ve come up with. It can also be a little therapeutic to watch your planning hard work up until this point pay off by printing out everyone’s name on their own card.

Eloping is Always an Option

If the idea of wedding planning seems a little much to you, remember that you don’t have to do it! Similarly, if you’ve been trying and failing to arrange a wedding for a while now, with overprotective parents and pushy siblings constantly demanding a say, you can cut them out of the process and go it alone together by deciding to elope.

It doesn’t have to be in a courthouse, and can be staged anywhere, from a farmer’s field to a sunny beach. It can even be more romantic for you and your partner, as all you need is an officiant to oversee the wedding and witness your vows. That isn’t the only way to do it however, as you can still include the people you love the most on your way there. If you feel bad about cutting out a family member, invite them alone and have a small and private ceremony, perfect for everyone involved.

Remember that everyone’s big day has to be right for them, so anyone who doesn’t agree with your choices is of no consequence! A wedding means something different for everyone who goes into one, so don’t feel bad that you under or over planned compared to someone else.


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