Looking For Lip Fillers In Leicester? Try Dr Natasha Ranga #Review

Everyone has their own body hang ups, it’s inevitable. ‘Too fat’, ‘too thin’, ‘a funny nose’, the list is endless. Women tend to be super critical of themselves no matter whether everyone else thinks they look like an Amazonian Princess. While I am an advocate of the body positive movement, I am entirely in agreement of change, if and only if, you want it. Just  because someone changes something about their appearance, does not mean that they are;

  • Insecure
  • Vain
  • An air head

My lips and I prior to augmentation

I love experimenting with things like hair dye (Lord knows I’ve had every colour under the Sun!) and makeup. The possibilities are endless with cosmetics, but there was always something that I personally didn’t like about my face. That was my lips. They’re not necessarily thin as such, but they are small. And personally, not only did I feel that they weren’t proportional to my face, I felt that lipstick just didn’t suit me, no matter how much I adore a good red. So, I began investigating into lip fillers and lip augmentation. Dr Natasha must have been a mind reader, because we started following each other on social media and I was blown away by her clients’ before and afters. These were real women, just like me, and their results were phenomenal. Their testimonials on how after having their lips augmented with Dr Natasha however, was what really drew me in. Confidence is the key, and Dr Natasha is pretty damn great at giving you the key, unlocking the fabulousness within and being a pretty amazing #BossBabe at the same time.

I wasn’t too sure what I was expecting when I visited her salon, which is situated above the Barry Stephen Salon in Anstey, Leicester. Was it going to be cold and clinical? Was it going to hurt a lot? What I walked into was so beautiful, it immediately silenced all of my thoughts and concerns. Yes, it had an air of ‘clinical’, after all, she is medically trained and a complete professional, but it was warm, inviting and super glamorous. Touches like a giant chandelier and an amazing ring light made me feel right at home as a blogger, and the way Dr Natasha was was brilliant. She was friendly and funny, but you knew you were in good hands with her. She made me feel completely at ease, showing me the products and the equipment, and explaining the procedure. We first opted for 0.5ml of Juvederm, to see how it would look with my little birdy lips, but she explained that we could increase the ml if we needed to.

Did it hurt? Well, yes. It’s a bloody needle injecting stuff into your lips! Did it hurt as much as I expected it to? No actually. It did make my eyes water, which is just a natural reaction obviously, but it felt like a sharp pinch every few seconds. After a while, however, I got used to the pinching of the needle, and I was so excited to see the results. After the first 0.5ml, I agreed I needed a little more, and with the second lot, Dr Natasha used a vibrating piece of equipment that dulls the pain a little as she does it, so the second round of Juvederm was pretty pain free in all honesty. Once she’d finished, Dr Natasha and her wonderful assistant handed me a mirror and my god I was so amazed. I’m not sure what I expected, but I definitely didn’t expect my results. Not only were my lips considerably bigger, they were much more even. I couldn’t believe it. For once in my life, I was so excited to get home and play around with my lipstick collection. (Just because I wasn’t convinced it looked great on my teeny lips, doesn’t mean I wasn’t totally obsessed with buying every colour of lipstick under the Sun!).

I immediately jumped to use the ring light, which of course not only made my lips look extra amazing, it made my skin look flaaaawless, so I’m #sorrynotsorry for all my selfies. If you head over to my instagram, you’ll notice that pictures of myself are relatively rare compared to my peers. My lips were a reason for that. So what did I do immediately after taking selfies on the ring light? I ‘grammed them of course! And I ‘grammed and snapchatted my way through the next few days. My lips were of course swollen and tender, why wouldn’t they be. But I knew that that initial irritant would be worth it. Armed with my new lips, and all the information I was given from Dr Natasha, I showed off my new pout to ANYONE that would listen to me. There are certain things you shouldn’t do when you first have your lips down, things like no pressure on them, so drinking through straws, eating, smoking, kissing etc are all big no-no’s for your lips, so socialising was rather funny for the first few days. I also bruised a bit, which you can see in the photos. Without makeup, it looked quite comical, like a tiny goatee and moustache, but my concealer and foundation hid it easily. I wasn’t concerned too much about the bruising, as I bruise like a peach and knew this make have been an issue.

After about a week, my bruising and swelling went down, and while I could still ‘feel’ my lips, which was strange as I suppose you’re never really aware of your lips being on your face, I was so happy. After two weeks, my lips went down a little more, so I do think that I would increase the amount of Juvederm I have next time. Yep, that’s right, there’s 100% going to be a next time. My experience of having my lips augmented with Dr Natasha was nothing but spectacular, from her knowledge and experience to the way she works, right through to the support and advise she gives her clients, I would highly recommend her if you are looking for lip fillers in Leicester.

Dr Natasha Ranga, 35 The Nook, Anstey, Leicester LE7 7AZ
*Edit: Here are two photos from Halloween, 8 weeks after having my lips done and they’re still going strong!

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