So Long Hygge: Make Way For Lagom in Your Life

Around this time last year, you could barely scroll down Instagram without hearing about ‘hygge’ and seeing everyone’s autumnal and cosy pictures. While being cost is more than lovely at this time of year, it seems that the Swedish lifestyle concept of ‘lagom’ is swiftly taking over the Danish cosy concept. But what on earth does it mean?

The literal translation from English is ‘just the right amount.’ Which is why you can imagine that it can be a whole lifestyle concept to think about, rather than just for the home. Being frugal, fair, and creating a balance is what it is all about. But how can you implement that in your home and in your life over the coming months? Here are some things to get you thinking.

Embrace Minimalism

This time of year can be filled with commercialism, more than at any time of year. But lagom is all about minimalism and keeping things simple, whether in our home or in our personal life. Looking for fresh and timeless pieces to have at home can be a good place to start. Neutral colours and monochrome are other great things to think about, as well as stripping your rooms back to basics. Keep it simple this season.

Declutter Your Life

One of the best ways to start embracing minimalism is to start by decluttering your home and your life. For one things, your home can be easier to do. Throw out things you no longer need, or even put them into storage, somewhere like Now Storage, for example. But keep it down to the bare bones and things that you actually use. As for your life, strip it back to the people you see a lot, the things that make you happy, and eliminate the rest. Again, keep it simple!

Embrace Nature

If you’re going for a less is more kind of attitude, then some elements of nature have to come into play. Bringing some greenery into the home is a great way to do this, from flowers to houseplants. Succulents can be helpful at this time of year, as they need very little to grow, but they add striking appeal without being too in your face. What lagom is all about. So look for some ways to bring the outdoors into your home.

Prep, Recycle and Reuse

Part of lagom is about using what you have and an element of sustainability. It also is about cutting out unneeded costs. So buying some unnecessary furniture is not what it is about. Look for investment pieces, not throwaway fashions. Other things in our life can help this too. Think about food preparation and meal planning, for instance. Lower your food bills and reduce waste, and you’ll be on your way to embrace the lagom concept.

Everything in Moderation

The lagom outlook is all about a much simpler way of life and about finding happiness and joy in the things you already have, not buying more in an effort to make you happy. But at the end of the day, it is about having a balanced lifestyle, not a restrictive one. So use everything in moderation, and that includes moderation.


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