Knock Knock, It’s Time To Replace Your Door

There are a few key aspects of the home that many of us take for granted and don’t consider when carrying out renovation and sprucing up the home: windows and doors. They are the integrity of our home, what allows us fresh air, to walk in and out of the house and keeps us protected from the elements. But when is it time to look at replacing the doors and windows in your home?

When it warps

Particularly as the climate changes from summer to winter, your doors can begin to warp out of shape. This happens more often in wooden doors, but can cause your door to stick. Here are some sign to look out for to see if your door has warped:

  •         Cracking or splitting of the wood
  •         Noticeable draught which can be caused by a gap in the door
  •         Parts of the door getting damp or starting to rot
  •         Distortion or bends in the wood with hinder shutting the door

When it rusts

Metals doors don’t encounter the same damp issues as wood, however they do rust. Here are some signs to look for of when you should change a metal door:

  •         Hinges and screws becoming loose
  •         Cracks in the paint
  •         Blemishes on the door
  •         When security becomes an issue

Always make sure that your front door closes properly, the moment you spot an issue, you must act quickly for the security of your home.

Doors and windows play a huge role in our homes, and they deserve to be looked after just as much as another other part of your home. Updating your doors and windows to add some character and security to your home is a huge part of renovation and can really bring your home to the next level.

Exterior Doors

It is crucial that exterior doors are durable enough to keep intruders out of your home, and also withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, sun and even hurricanes. You exterior doors are like your body guards; they protect you from the outside and keep you safe. You also want to choose exterior doors which are aesthetically pleasing as these will be the doors people first see when they pass by your home or come to visit. The most common material for doors is a mix of wood frames with fiberglass or steel. Wood doors are the most common surface to use as they are rustic and give your home a grand feel, however composite doors and steel doors can also add a layer of design to your home and withstand weather.

Interior Doors

Interior doors have a bigger impact on the look and feel of your home, and are available in many different designs and materials. If the doors your already have are unappealing and dull, then consider replacing that and the jamb with a prehung door unit. This means that the jamb and hinges are attached to the door and will take you a lot less effort to hang. However, if you are perfectly happy with the door jambs you currently have, then you can just pick up a door and fit it yourself. There are many different types of door you can choose from inside the house including hollow and solid core- as well as ones which have windows fitted in the frames.

Windows and Skylights

If you have the space, skylights can add a lovely point of interest to your room, and also allow a lot more light into your space. You can install a skylight for aesthetic reasons or use it as part of a solar heating strategy. By allowing the sun to penetrate into your home. Looking online and shopping around, you will find a large variety of styles and colours, as well as different materials and components. Make sure that your skylight is installed correctly, because if it is not, you could face leakages from the ceiling and the glass could crack as a result. Ideally, if you want to invest in a skylight, go for big brands for security.

Conventional windows also come in a variety of styles and materials. If you are thinking of upgrading your windows, the most important factor is weather resistance. A lot of heat loss and increased bills can be caused by windows which don’t offer the right insulation to your home. The rating system you want to follow for windows in the U-factor. The lower it is, the better, and it will cost you more, but in the grand scheme of things it will save you money on heating. Most new windows will come with a warranty and will be fitted for you by the supplier. This saves you trying to fit one yourself or paying ourt for the service.

Garage Doors

If you have a garage at the side of your home, you may be looking to replace the door on here too. The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is whether you want a clicked to open the door, or whether you are happy enough to use a pull cord. Take a look at this article to give you an idea of the types of garage doors you can get, but generally manual doors are cheaper than clickers.

If you do decide to opt for an automatic door, be aware that the automatic fitting will be sold separately to the door, so you need to make sure they are compatible. A thin metal door will require a lot less power to open than a solid wood one. Double check before you start shopping around that your neighbourhood doesn’t have any rules or restrictions for the colours and materials you can use. Some areas are stricter than others and won’t want one house which is different to the rest on the street.

Some garage doors come with windows, which can be good as a visual feature and to let light in the room, but can also pose a security risk. If you go for custom doors they will be more expensive than a standard one, so check that your budget fits the style you are looking for.


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