Kiehls Leicester’s First Birthday Party

Last year, Kiehls came to Leicester and threw a lovely little party to celebrate. Kiehls on Wheels toured the country opening up new stands and concessions throughout some of the biggest and best department stores and stand alone shops. We had nibbles, drinks and tested out some of the cult hero products that Kiehls have to offer. One year on, and the concession is still going strong in Debenhams, Highcross, Leicester. That’s why I was thrilled to be invited to their first birthday party to celebrate their success, and to hear all about their newest products.

I got there to a table set up with cupcakes, bottles of Fizz, pomegranate juice and some pomegranate tea that was kindly provided by Whittards (also in the Highcross) as well as some exciting new releases. If you’re wondering why all the pomegranate? It’s because the new Glow Formula Skin Hydrator we tested is enriched with antioxidant pomegranate extract and illuminating minerals. I sat down and met some other beauty lovers, as well as some of my friends and awaited being talked through all of these fabulous new Kiehls goodies.

The staff were wonderful, and so welcoming but major props to manager Alka who was so knowledgeable and friendly. She answered all of our questions about skin care and shared with us some top tips and tricks on how you can incorporate Kiehls into your existing skincare routines.

We also all did a skin test, which was super insightful. I always thought that I had ridiculously dry skin. And I sort of do- on my cheeks. My t-zone is actually oily. Alka explained however that my constant exfoliating of my dry skin could lead to the skin over producing oil to compensate. The solution? Multi skincare and multi masking! This has been a major trend for a while of course, but apparently it would actually be extremely beneficial for me and my skin.

So, what did we test out on the day? Well, lots actually! Including the new GLOW formula which was divine. There were also brand new cleansers, toners and sheet masks. We also tested out some cult favourites like Creme De Corps and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and I tested out the Micro Dermabrasion cream which I fell in love with. I’m absolutely going back to purchase that! I also like the look of the overnight peel.

The team kindly handed us all a box of Kiehls goodies to take home and test out, which I’m certainly going to be doing all month. I’ve decided, I have just one year until I am thirty and I really need a grown up skin care routine. When I say grown up, I mean consistent routines, more water and actually removing my eye makeup after a night out! With beautiful smelling products, I think that will be a doddle with Kiehls.

Kiehls can be found on the beauty level in Debenhams, in Highcross Leicester

*This post is in collaboration with Kiehls, Leicester



  1. April 30, 2018 / 1:05 pm

    I am sold by the Glow Formula. Anything that saves me time in the morning. I do like Kiehl’s research and science behind their products – it makes them ‘genuine’ if that makes sense.

    • sarahpotter89
      April 30, 2018 / 1:35 pm

      Definitely agree!! xxx

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