Kiehls Leicester Launches With An Exclusive Blogger Event #KiehlsOnWheels

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a lovely exclusive blogger event hosted by Kiehls to celebrate their new concession stand that is in Debenhams in The Highcross, Leicester. I was excited to attend as while I’d heard lots of great things about the brand, I’d only ever tried small sachets of their staples, and we were assured in the invite that we would get to have a try of some of their most popular products. I was the first to arrive, and was greeted by the super lovely duo Hannah and Saffia who were aboard the Kiehls- on wheels!

So, a little bit of backstory on Kiehls…

  • 1851: The Precursor to the original Kiehl Pharmacy “Brunswick Apotheke” begins to serve patrons in the East Village neighbourhood at the intersection of Third Avenue and Thirteenth Street, known as Pear Tree Corner.
  • 1894: Apprentice John Kiehl purchases the Brunswick Apotheke; renames establishment Kiehl Pharmacy.
  • 1921: Irving Morse, apprentice to retiring John Kiehl buys the venerable pharmacy; Russian family member Prince Karl blends “Love Oil” the original formula for Kiehl’s Musk Oil.
  • 1961: Aaron Morse takes over the family business from his father Irving and later introduces products for men.
  • 1964: Andy Warhol’s favourite blue astringent launched.
  • Late 60s: Calendula petals are hand inserted into every bottle of Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner, still done today.
  • 1970s: The Morse family starts to dole out generous samples to its customers.
  • 1988: Kiehl’s sponsors Everest Expedition; climbers scale Mount Everest, relying on Kiehl’s products along the way.
  • 1997: Hand Care for a Cure introduced, first Kiehl’s product dedicated to a key philanthropic cause.
  • 2004: The Flagship hosts the first-ever Kiehl’s “Treadathalon” breaking the Guiness World Record for the longest distance run on a treadmill in twenty-four hours.
  • 2005: Kiehl’s introduces Dermatologist Solutions, a collection to address specific skin conditions such as ageing, irritation, sensitivity, acne, sun spots and surface texture.
  • 2009: Recycle and Be Rewarded programme is introduced
  • 2010: Kiehl’s partners with artist Jeff Koons for a limited edition collection with proceeds benefiting the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children. Kiehl’s also introduces Midnight Recovery Concentrate.
  • 2011: Proceeds from limited edition Rare Earth go to Waterkeep Alliance. “Kiehl’s Gives” launches to further educate customers about Kiehl’s philanthropic initiatives. Kiehl’s introduces Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream with rare Resurrection Flower.

Alongside some delicious mocktails from the Turtle Bay in Leicester, the ladies took us through some of Kiehl’s hero products. All of the products at Kiehl’s are as natural as can possibly be, as well as animal friendly. One of the only ingredients in specific Kiehl’s products that is non-vegan friendly is honey, which is a great achievement for skincare brands. We were given some of the back stories of their most famous products, including Creme de Corps and their Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil as well as the opportunity to test the products on our hands and faces!

What I love about Kiehl’s products is the smell- it isn’t overly chemical or sweet, just a very subtle scent. I also love the consistency of their products. They don’t leave any sticky residue, and sink into your skin easily and quickly! Once we had the opportunity to test the products, ask our questions and win some prizes, we visited the Kiehl’s counter in Debenhams to have a look around. For those that like their skincare packed with a little punch, and works at a deeper molecular level rather than just on the surface, I would highly recommend Kiehls!

Kiehls Leicester is situated next to the MAC counter in Debenhams, within The Highcross Shopping Centre


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