Is Your Car Royally Serviced and Maintained?

There can have been few more iconic images of the happy Royal couple following the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle than of the two speeding off with one another in a classic sports car. Jaguars of that vintage don’t come cheaply but it shows you just what can be achieved when a vehicle is properly looked after. The question is whether your car is receiving similarly good treatment. Do you really care for your vehicle as you should and what ongoing maintenance ought to be carried out routinely if you want your car to last for years to come?

Annual Servicing

It is surprising just how many motorists fail to have a proper inspection of all aspects of their car carried out. Without doing so, small problems can go unnoticed and these eventually build up to such an extent that a full repair is required. Okay, so every car that is more than three years old in the UK needs a yearly MOT in order to drive on British roads, but these don’t cover everything. You should think of an MOT as an important – but basic – test which only covers the simplest aspects of car maintenance.

An annual service, on the other hand, provides you with a much fuller inspection regime that checks on many more parts of a car’s running. For example, a service will check your oil filters. Your car will run okay without them being cleaned or exchanged. However, over time oil filters which are not functioning as well as they will lead to problems with every moving part of the car because they are not being lubricated as they should. Failing to make checks on things like this means you will end up paying more in the long run. In other words, foregoing an annual service is a false economy.

Tyre Maintenance

A key aspect of any vehicle, tyres are in constant motion when you drive and, as such, need more attention than just about any other part of your car. Far too many drivers fail to even pump up their tyres properly and leave it to their MOT inspection for them to be inflated. This is not just costly but it is unsafe. When you drive on a flat tyre, the rolling resistance of the wheel it is fitted to goes up so you end up spending more on fuel for every mile you travel. What’s more, partially flat tyres spread out on the road under the weight of the car. This means that they slew outwards when you corner which results in a greater risk of losing control and spinning out.

As well as inflating your tyres every few thousand miles, responsible drivers should check their tread depth from time to time. A simple gauge is all that is needed to carry this out and you can even do it with a twenty pence coin! Once your tyres are sufficiently worn down to provide a reduced amount of traction, exchange them for new ones. You can visit Fife Autocentre to buy tyres online simply enough. Bear in mind that you should not leave this until the last moment when your tyres are approaching the time when no longer being street legal but well beforehand. Driving on balding tyres could mean having an accident and even ending up spending some time at Her Majesty’s pleasure.


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