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It’s no secret that I am obsessed with dying my hair. Blonde, black, red, lilac, I’ve tried a LOT of colours and I’ve never settled on any. While I love being able to change up my look whenever I feel, it really does take it’s toll on my hair. It’s naturally super coarse and thick anyway- thanks Dad! but when combined with bleach, well, let’s just say it’s not easy to tame. Currently, my hair is a lovely stone grey colour, but when I first dyed it, I wasn’t keen. The reason being was because my hair was in such bad condition, it had broken in different places, giving me an uneven shape with lots of layers- something I don’t like in my hair!

So, when Rush Hair & Beauty invited me to review their newest salon in Leicester, I was more than happy to oblige. They have salons all over the UK, including in Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester, the most recent of the Rushes and they pride themselves on their cutting edge style and customer service. They employ award-winning hair stylists and beauty treatment experts so you know you’re in safe hands!


The Leicester salon is located on the High Street, next door to a milkshake bar called Shakeaway. I arrived a little early for my appointment so I nipped into Shakeaway and ordered myself a Nutella hot chocolate- this was shaping up to be a great day.
I walked into Rush and it was so bright, modern and clean looking. The salon was open plan, with a black reception desk towards the front, a large square work space and a room in the back for washing their hair. It also smelt lovely. I really do like the smell of hairdressers, a mixture of product and heat from the appliances. It calms me, and I’m immediately relaxed, knowing I’m about to be pampered.



The receptionist introduced me to my stylist, Shane, and I loved him immediately. He was warm, honest and funny. My kind of person! He sat me down at his station and went through my expectations as well as told me a little bit about himself which was really nice, as all too often a conversations between hairdresser and client can be a little forced. But Shane made me feel like I’d known him for ages, which is a great talent to have.


I told him about my uneven hair, and we immediately agreed that a slightly graduated blunt bob would be the best way forward. I was impressed with Shane’s knowledge and experience. He’d been in the industry for years (not that he looks like it mind!) and is the GHD Brand Ambassador for Rush. We chatted about our love for all things Rose Gold and Copper, and he showed me the latest GHD collection which is insanely beautiful. He also offered me a glass of fizz, which I obviously didn’t turn down. It was my day off and I’ll be damned if the fact it was only half eleven in the morning would stop me from enjoying myself!


He talked me through the products he’d be using on my hair and even though I have both damaged and coloured hair, he knew the perfect concoction. The RedKen range is perfect for hair like mine, as there are so many different variations on shampoos, conditioners and treatments. Shane opted for the Colour Extend Magnetic range to start, which gets a hold of your colour and does not let go of it- something that I have trouble with constantly. He also used ‘Extreme Cat’ on me- an anti-damage protein reconstructing rinse-off treatment for distressed hair, or so it says. This smelt delicious and really did make my hair super soft. Even now, a week and a half later, I can still really feel the benefits of the treatments.


The cut was impeccable and even now that I’m styling it myself, it still looks good. It’s blunt and falls perfectly on my shoulders. It’s thick and bouncy and actually looks shiny! I’m gutted, my before and after photos were corrupted so I can’t even show you the difference, but trust me, I am a hard girl to please when it comes to my hair! I’m so impressed with it, I’m going back to Shane to freshen up my colour, whatever that may be!

If you are looking for a salon in the very centre of Leicester City, I can definitely recommend Rush. It was a fantastic experience all round.

Rush Hair & Beauty, 50 High Street, Leicester LE1 5YN



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      Haha, it really is. Maybe we should start some kind of hair dying anonymous group?! xxx

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