Introducing Hygge to Your Bathroom This Autumn

When the days get shorter and darker, we trek inside and cuddle up by the fireplace instead. It’s a part of making the gloomy seasons a bit more bearable, but the cosiness doesn’t have to be limited to your living room or bedroom, though, as there’s no better place to soak up the heat than in your own bathtub.

The thing with the Scandinavian term ‘hygge’ is that it’s about more than simply staying warm and cosy. It includes a sense of togetherness and friendship, enjoying the time we spend together, which is exactly what your relationship needs this autumn.

Here is how you can kickstart the romance and cuddle up together by making the bathroom your perfect sanctuary, letting you escape from the darkness outside and light it up with a bit of bubbly romance.

Clean it!

First things first; a dirty bathroom is never a pleasant place to be in, regardless of who made it dirty. You should give it a thorough scrub a couple of times a year, and we’re not just talking about those weekly washes – a thorough wash means scrubbing everything down, from each light knob to every single wall.

It’s only when it’s properly clean that you can begin the transition. Make your own organic cleaning detergent if you’re into that, or just have a look at this handy article for everything you need to have it sparkling clean in thirty minutes.

Natural textures

Nothing beats the feeling of a pebbled tile floor underneath your bare feet. Try to incorporate as many natural textures as possible and within your budget – we’re talking wood, pebbles, and plants all around.

If it’s not in your budget to redo an entire floor, you may treat yourself to a pebbled floor mat instead – they feel fantastic as well, but remember to clean them during your big clean above. The more you manage to invest in its looks, the more time you’ll want to spend in there together.

If it is within your budget, you should contact a designer to get the kind of look you’re after, or just have a look at sites that are supplying bathrooms online. It can help a bit with the inspiration before you get in touch with the designer or embark on the refurbishing project on your own.

Remember that with every natural texture you manage to incorporate, a mirror to reflect it will enhance the look of your bathroom even more.

Go for crisp white

Ever had one of those luxuriously soft towels betray you after one wash by being bleached out or spotted? You won’t have that problem if your towels are crisp white, and no chemicals in the world can steal their colour.

It makes everything look a bit cleaner and bigger too, so go wild and make your entire bathroom as white as can be; the natural textures you’ve included earlier will stand out even more.

When it’s time to clean the bathroom again, these white walls won’t betray you by hiding the nastiness, so keep it sparkling at all times, and you’ll enjoy your bathroom even more.

Light it up

Nothing says autumn more than soft light in the ceiling and candles by the bathtub, right? By installing dimming lights, you can light it up completely in the mornings when it’s still dark outside, and dim it down to a romantic orange when evening falls.

It’s complex work to install these dimmers, though, so don’t start to fiddle with the wiring and call an electrician instead – they’ll have it over with in no time, and the result will be both safe and great-looking. Here is an article of the DIYs around the home you can confidently hand over to someone else.

Consider a lavender scent to your candles, by the way, to make sure you’re ready for bed after the bath. The fragrance can be a bit strong to some noses so restrict yourself to only two drops of the essential oil – or just light one of those candles instead of all of them. You don’t need your neighbours to know about your romantic downtime in the bath.

The only bad news in all of this is that after winter comes spring. It means fewer evenings to soak around in the bath and longer, brighter days. Enjoy it while you can and cook up as many mid-week roasts as possible – you’ll miss the excuse when spring comes.


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