Introducing Coconut Lane Plus A Discount Code

Coconut Lane brings you the ultimate in chic homeware and fashion accessories – bringing you class, sass and a bit of Mean Girls bad-ass along the way. With pop culture and social media at the heart of their brand, they’ve merged modern day fun into classy products that you’ll love. Their products are created for the dreamers of the world – for those who dare to believe and then make it happen.  With this ethos at the heart of all their products, they aim to inspire and motivate, turning the dreams of every #girlboss into a reality.

And who said chic pieces had to break the bank? At Coconut Lane – shopping is not a privilege – it’s a right.  Whether it brings you relaxation, thrills or a bit of bad-ass confidence – they believe that everyone has the right to treat themselves to inspiring, feel good products.

Their products are absolutely stunning, and they’ve taken the blogging world by storm. Rose gold and marble seem to be the current ‘in’ colour palette and pattern, and Coconut Lane is all over that. From MacBook skins to phone cases, notebooks and coasters, you can decorate your entire house with pretty little pieces from this brand new company.
Coconut Lane’s motto. In the words of Regina George – “Get in Loser, we’re going shopping.”

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