Interior Design To Accommodate Elderly Relative

Taking care of your parents in their old age is very important, but as the price of residential care homes rises, it is becoming increasingly difficult. Equally, paying for somebody to care for them at home is too expensive for most people. That’s why more and more families are deciding to move their parents into their family home and care for them there. You can make sure that they’re getting the care that they need as well as spending some quality time with them in their later years. But taking care of an aging parent at home is a big undertaking. They’ll have lots of special requirements that you need to cater for, and that means preparing your home before they move in.

Stairs And Walkways

As they get older and they start to struggle more with mobility, you’ll need to help them get around the house because it’s important that they maintain their independence for as long as possible. Installing residential lifts on all of the stairways is vital if they’re going to be able to move around the house without your help. The danger of falling in the dark is high in elderly people so it’s best to get some nightlights to put in the hallway so that they can see where they’re going if they need to get up at night. Getting rid of any clutter that’s lying around is also vital, otherwise, you increase the risk of them tripping and injuring themselves.


The bathroom is probably one of the highest risk rooms in the house for elderly people. The danger of slipping on the wet floor is something that you need to deal with to avoid serious injuries. Install support bars on the wall to help them move around, and put non-slip bath mats down to stop them from falling. If they have particular trouble getting in and out of the bath, then you might want to consider installing a bath with a side door to make it simpler for them. Falling while getting out of the bath or shower is one of the most common causes of injury amongst the elderly.


The kitchen is another dangerous room that needs rearranging before your parents move in. You want them to be able to use the kitchen while you’re not there so you should move all of the items that they might need to easy to reach shelves and drawers that they can get to without using a footstool or bending down too low. The hob is a serious burn hazard for elderly people but if you replace it with an induction hob, you remove that danger completely. An induction hob doesn’t give out any heat whatsoever so any accidental touches won’t end up in injury. Changing the handles on the cupboards is a good idea as well. Small knobs can be difficult to grasp, especially if they suffer from arthritis. Swapping them out for D shaped ones will make it far easier for your elderly relatives to get to everything that they need.

Rearranging your house to cater for an elderly relative might cost you a bit, but you can’t put a price on family.


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