How To Include A Feature Wall In Your Living Room

Sometimes you can find yourself a little sick and tired of your living space. You look around you and realise nothing fits your style or you’re not comfortable with where you live. But these days we want quick style solutions. When it comes to choosing a room to redecorate, the living room is often the best choice due to the larger size and the fact that it’s the first thing both you and guests will see when entering your house. Some design techniques are quicker and cheaper than others, so changing your living room depends on whether you have the time or money. Thankfully however there are many easy ways you can turn a living space into your perfect hub, and one of the easiest and even fanciest ways is to include a feature wall.  

Where To Put A Feature Wall

A feature wall by definition needs to be noticeable, and most of the time will always draw attention. Usually it’s a good idea to add in a feature wall on an emptier side of your living room. This helps to fill up space whilst keeping the area open and uncluttered. If you’re lucky and your living room has a chimney breast, this is a great place to add in your feature wall due to the natural eye-drawing quality. If preferable, subtle placement also works. This means you can add in a feature wall behind a comfortable sofa, behind a TV, or around a doorway, which spruces up the most-used areas of the room. This is an especially useful placement if you have no other room or focal points, making the space seem a little more cosy. However, don’t overstuff a room by highlighting a small wall with a feature wall. It won’t do the space or your psyche a favour if a room looks smaller and shabbier due to wrong feature wall placement. A feature wall should accent everything else that exists in a room whilst highlighting your favourite areas.

What To Put On The Base Of A Feature Wall

Use feature walls to add a little wild style on a small scale, or to add warmth with calm and neutral tones.There are many materials you can use to decorate a feature wall, and it all depends on personal preferences. One very stylish way to add personality to any room is to change or paste on wallpaper, with many designs such as Blendworth fabrics unique and able to personalise to your specifications. Choosing something with a strong pattern is your best bet, with geometric or marble patterned styles very on-trend currently. Another way is to use paint and incorporate multiple colours with a stripe pattern, with both vertical and horizontal designs changing the look of your room for free. These stripes can be made with bold colours to increase impact or by matching neutral tones you can go for a more subtle look once again, with earthy shades suitable for all seasons. Make sure whatever base coating you go with complements the surrounding colours of the rest of your living room. Be comfortable with your choices and don’t include any patterns or colours you’re afraid to use on the rest of your room.

Interesting Items To Include On Top
Feature walls don’t stop at the coating. By adding decorative items you can increase both the wall’s functionality and style. Hanging up mirrors is a great way to use up space and also make the room seem bigger. Mirrors can have both ornate looking frames and simple gilding, which can both be found at similar prices. Incorporating a clock is also a good feature, with oversized and more traditional designs often adding a stylish steampunk look to your living room. Hanging up a clock can also add an organizational element, which you can expand upon by including calendars or a blackboard to keep track of schedules. If you have your feature wall tucked slightly behind a sofa, you can mix and match your cushions with the original design or add buttons and plates to your wall. These can be hung up in even patterns with the larger items acting as main focal points. Stenciling can also make a feature wall go the extra mile; paint your favourite quotes or smaller scale patterns across a wall to add an inspirational element to your canvas. By using home-made, stylish designs, you can make your living space stand out at little cost as well as knowing you’ve made your home your own.


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