I’m Trying To Be Healthier With The Help Of ‘Beautiful’ Foods

I’m often complaining about my busy lifestyle (I work full time, do freelance work and blog) and quite often my career takes priority over my health. Not good. I tend to get home after work and I’m too exhausted to move, let alone even cook something from scratch. This not only makes me feel rubbish, but really impacts my productivity in the morning. All I want to do is chill on the sofa and binge watch Friends on Netflix. Not that this is a bad thing, but I would love to be more productive and not let things like my freelance work, my blog, and even me cleaning the house, slip because I’m shattered. I’d absolutely love to be one of those girls that has the energy to do all her work, clean the house and fit in a gym sesh somewhere in between. I’m just stuck in a bit of a body rut.

My lack of energy in the evening, and overall ‘crash’ is mainly down to me not eating the right foods in the daytime, leaving me at a bit of a slump. When I’m tired at work, I make bad food choices- I put extra sugar in my tea, or opt for something sweet to revive my energy. In actual fact this is so counter-productive and leaves me in a constant cycle of being tired/reaching for sugary energy. is not good for my energy levels at all. Tasty yes, but not exactly healthy.

I don’t want to follow another fad diet, or restrict my eating per se, I just want to get better. Better at incorporating fruit and veg into my daily eating plan. Better at choosing healthier options to help with my energy levels, Better at prepping. Just, better. I’m a lover of fashion and beauty, of the arts, and so I figured, maybe I should try and incorporate this into my food. I’m not talking about fashioning shoes out of cheese or anything of the sort, I mean sprucing up my meals to make them look more aesthetically pleasing. I think by doing this, and taking photos of this food, I’ll be more inclined to want to eat better. After all, the dreaded ‘beige buffet’ looks much less appealing in a photo. See what I mean with these beauties – (note, these images are all stock images, but I WILL be starting to update my social, and maybe over here on my creations and concoctions!)

Porridge Bowls

You can literally top porridge with every fruit under the Sun. Porridge with carefully placed fruit, dollops of nut butter and sprinklings of dark chocolate chips are all over social media, and I love looking at them! I’m a big porridge fan which is always a bonus.

Smoothie Bowls

Much like a porridge bowl, a smoothie bowl (literally a thick smoothie base in a bowl) can be topped with nut butters, fruit, nuts, and seeds. You eat this with a spoon rather than slurp it up!

Buddha Bowls

A Buddha bowl generally has protein, quality carbs, vegetables and whatever goodness you decide matches with that. I’ve seen everything from chicken, avocado, brown rice and veg to salmon, quinoa and more. You can even make ‘burrito’ bowls and use seasoned turkey mince with a dollop of guacamole for good measure.

Fruit Salad Bowls

These are just fancy versions of old school fruit salads. Except this time, the fruits are carefully placed in a bowl or on a plate, and the more exotic the better. Think passionfruit, papya and more. Sprinklings of coconut and sliced almonds are also welcome here.

There are so many places one can go to find cheaper fruit, veg and additional ingredients for all of these beautiful bowls. There’s the local markets, where tasty and ripe fruit and veg is in abundance, at really great prices. Plus a little tip, if you visit them at the end of the day, you may be able to barter with them. Quite often they’ll want to get rid of some of the stock as much as you want to buy it. Did you know in some circumstances they sell avocadoes too?! The millennial markets! Supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl do fantastic deals on fruit and veg, and there are tonnes of money saving websites where you can find cheaper groceries.

If you’re already a fan of beautiful bowls, or are going to attempt some, please do tag me in them on social media @sarah_jayne_potter on Instagram or @sarahhhhrah on Twitter- I’d love some more inspo!


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