Ideas on the perfect girly getaway

There are a group of women who I have known and been friends with since high school. We are all so entirely different in our lives, and thinking about it now, I feel like we all represent certain types of personalities. One thing that has been constant throughout the time we’ve known each other (which is well over a decade and that’s scary isn’t it!), is that these women have been a constant support whenever I’ve needed them, even if I have been a bit MIA at times. As is life, business can often overtake fun, and so the girls and I like to get together every so often to see each other, and we like to make it into a bit of adventure. With this in mind, I have put together ideas on the perfect girly getaway.

Spa Date

Who doesn’t love a good pamper session? Spa dates are great for reconnecting with both your friends, and your own bodies. You needn’t even splash out on a million and one treatments. Relaxing and gossiping around the pool sounds like an ideal way to spend a day, or a weekend with the girls. There are hundreds of spas all around the country, so you could either go super close to you, or plan a bigger weekend away and choose a different destination. Websites like Spa Finder will give you some of the best spas at the best deals so I would highly recommend taking a look. Money saving websites like Groupon also tend to have spa based deals so look there too if you are trying to keep costs down!

City Break

There’s nothing more exciting than going on a mini break with your girls. Often though not everyone has enough annual leave, or time, to go abroad, especially if you have other commitments like spouses or children. So I’d recommend checking out some of the top places in the UK. The City Suites Edinburgh apartments are a great choice for those looking for all of those home comforts but upgraded. You and your girls can relax in the apartments, or get ready together for a night on the town. My girls and I used to get together before nights out and get ready all in one room and capturing those nostalgic memories in an apartment like the City Suites would be fab!


Maybe you don’t want to go away? That’s absolutely fine. Why not get together and have a grown up style sleepover. It’s a chance to eat what you want, pop on a facemask or two, drink a lot of wine, and maybe head to your local spot for brunch the next day. Sometimes all you need for a recharge is a get together and a staycation at one of your besties house is a nice little break.


I’m not going to pretend that I am the outdoorsy type. My friends and I certainly did the whole, camping in a field and telling our parents we were at one anothers houses trick when we were growing up, but sleeping on hard ground and never being able to regulate your own body temperature wasn’t my idea of fun. However, now that we are older, there is always glamping! Camping with a glamorous upgrade. Websites like Glamping UK can help you search for the best destinations and deals.


My friends and I are huge fans of plays, musicals and pantomimes. I am absolutely certain that watching a show, and experiencing an entire spectrum of emotions is good for the soul and a nice little boost for anyone. Whether you take a look at local entertainment to you, or visit somewhere further afield, there are hundreds of shows taking place daily. My firm favourites are the classics like Wicked, and of course the Disney versions.

Do you have any more ideas on the perfect girly getaways? Let me know!


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