How To Turn Your Bathroom Into The Ultimate Relaxation Space

Bathrooms mean so many different things to so many people. Some relish being in a bath for several hours, soaking all of their troubles away with a glass of wine or two in hand. Others prefer several quick shower trips and could think of nothing worse than staying in their bathroom for a long time. Whichever one you are, there is no denying that upgrading your bathroom has multiple benefits for you, and all the family. Who knows, if you make your bathroom a little more appealing, you may be a fan of long baths after all!

Set The Scene

First up, you need to set the scene when relaxing in the bath or the shower. Things like aromatherapy salts in the water, or candles or wax melts burning to the side of you all combine to create a truly relaxing environment. You can choose specific scents for specific moods, and some essential oils can also be doubled up for a drop or two in the bath for achey muscles.

Invest In Your Products

I personally love to indulge in bath, shower and hair products. I like to make the experience truly relaxing and indulgent, and my favourite purchases are hair masks and face masks. I am also really loving body scrubs at the moment, and tend to switch between buying one and making my own body scrub.

Upgrade Your Bath or Shower

If your shower has a rubbish head that barely drips out water, or your bath is shallow and uncomfortable, it’s time for an upgrade! These things are really important when it comes to relaxation. Insignia Steam Showers create a super cool spa-like experience, leaving you feeling completely refreshed. If you are a bath person through and through, then whirlpool bath is always a fantastic choice.

Ban Your Mobile Phone

To completely unwind, make sure you don’t take your phone into the bathroom with you. We are all too often consumed with an urge to constantly check our phone.  From the bright lights of the screen to the incessant noises of the notifications, a phone can certainly ruin your relaxation.  Just keep it in a different room (on silent) for an hour. You will feel the benefits!

Handy Storage Spaces

So, this is a two fold point. Firstly. Clutter. There are so many under the sink cabinets you can buy now if you have a smaller bathroom like I do. Space to keep all of your products is a necessity and tidying them away in a cabinet or on a shelf is a great idea. Secondly, I’m talking about those amazing bath trays and caddies that can hold a glass of wine, a good book, your ipad, any bath snacks (what they’re a thing aren’t they?) and everything else. They are a god send!

What other things would you recommend to create a relaxing bathroom environment?


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