How To Travel In Style, But Still On A Budget This Holiday Season

I don’t know about you, but I love luxury destinations, but I also love a bargain. Santorini, New York, Mexico, Bath- they’re all on my to go lists, but often it’s the price that puts me off actually going. So, I have put together a little run down of how to travel in style, but still on a budget!

Keep An Eye Out For Bargain Destinations

There are a thousand and one different websites now that you can find bargain destinations on. Things like members only secret sales-style websites where you sign up and get the latest deals in your inbox are a big thing, as are mystery getaways from websites like Groupon where you pay a set price and receive details of a holiday randomly chosen from specific destination. There are also websites like where you can see the destination, hotel and the surrounding area, and choose accommodation based on things like price, star rating, and more. What’s great about these third party websites too is that often you can book without putting down a payment or deposit- you just pay when you arrive. This is great for those who want to go on holiday, but may not have the funds up front.

Keep An Eye Out For Bargain Travel

It is often cheaper to book your accommodation and travel separately and you can get some real bargains, whether it be on a plane or on a train. Websites like Skyscanner and similar will help you to identify the cheapest flights, and you can zero in on preferred destinations, or just click ‘everywhere’ and itemise it by the cheapest destination. Perfect for thrill seekers who aren’t afraid to take risks.

Lease A Car & Drive Yourself

If your destination is in the UK or driveable, this can be a really fun way of starting your holiday, particularly if you are travelling with friends. You could lease the latest Mercedes, making sure your journey is nothing but comfortable, and stylish of course or you could club together with friends and take turns in driving cars you already own. Make the road trip part of your holiday and you’ll have lots of memories to take away.

Hit The Sales For All Your Stylish Needs

When it comes to shopping for your holiday, you can easily start blowing your budget before you’ve even arrived on things like clothes and shoes. If you know that your holiday is booked in advance, you can pick up some bargains in the sales months in advance. To ensure your bargain buys will still be in style at the time of your holiday, choose plain colours, or classic prints rather than what is en vogue at the time of you buying them! Denim, bikinis, tshirts and more can be picked up at such fabulous prices.

Shop’ Your Beauty Products

Who else is guilty of buying brand new minis whenever you go away, and then putting them in a drawer and forgetting about them, thus kicking off the cycle of buying new things again? I am sure I am not the only one who purchases those delightful little shampoos and conditioners. But, why not save your pennies and shop your stash. You can pick up plastic pots or spray bottles and decant some of your favourite beauty products into them for your holiday. It will save you money in the long run and reduce any wastage you may have on products!


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