How to Maximise Light in Your Home

Could your home use a little more natural lighting? When there’s not enough light getting into the property, it can make the home feel pretty depressing. Adding new windows onto the property is a costly option that isn’t open to everyone. So, how can you add more light into the home without adding new windows? The key is to maximise the lighting you already have.

Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to maximise light in your home to give it a nicer, brighter feel.

Choose the right lighting

If your home doesn’t have a lot of windows and there isn’t the option to add more, choosing the right artificial lighting becomes really important. Ideally, you’ll want to incorporate a range of different types of lighting into the room.

You’ll want to focus on the style of the lights too. If you want to maximise the lighting within the home, choosing ceiling lights which feature a glass or see-through shade are a great idea. These, like the ones sold by Cox & Cox, help to better reflect the light around the room.

Add plenty of mirrors

Mirrors are your secret weapon against dark, dull rooms. When placed correctly, they can really brighten up the home, reflecting natural light back into the room. If you place the mirrors facing diagonally towards the windows for example, it’s going to reflect the natural light directly into the room. The light will bounce off any reflective surfaces within the room too.

Incorporate metallic elements

Adding metallic elements to the room will prevent it from looking dark and dreary. Think gold or silver metallics for the best effect. The light will shimmer off the metallic elements, automatically making the room appear brighter and more alive. Of course, there’s also the added benefit that metallic elements help to make the home look more luxurious.

Keep your windows clean

This may sound simple, but when you have a dark home it becomes increasingly important to ensure the windows are kept clean. In fact, you’ll want to start by removing any potential light barriers outside the windows, such as trees and large bushes. Then, give them a really good clean to make them sparkle and better reflect the lighting into the home. The less dirt and debris there are on the windows, the more sunshine will be able to get through.

As you can see above, there’s lots of ways to maximise the natural light within your home. Most are inexpensive, yet they can make a huge difference to how bright the room appears. Giving the home a brighter feel makes it much nicer to relax in and can literally make a house feel like a home.


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