How To Magic Up Some Money In A Month For That Unexpected Expense

Ok, ok, so we’ve all done it. We’ve all overstretched ourselves and our bank balance from time to time. Whether you’ve ordered one too many times from Deliveroo or your social life blew up, sometimes, there’s times where there’s too much month left at the end of your money! But, what if, all of a sudden you have an unexpected expense? Maybe you need work doing to your car, or a friend has asked you to join her on a once in a lifetime bestie trip? There are ways you can whip up some money in a couple of weeks. Monthly consumer trends show that across the UK, increase into loan applications have risen, as well as the amount being requested.

But what if a loan or an overdraft isn’t doable? Sometimes, some people can borrow a little money and pay it back with absolutely no problem. Some people can’t. If you are ever going to think about a loan, just make sure it’s for something worthwhile. It’s horrible having to hand over month at the end of your loan period when you have absolutely nothing to show (and therefore no real reason) for it. Trust me, if you CAN get money from somewhere else, do it. If however you are super savvy and you KNOW it’s just short term borrowing then there are those avenues to whip up a couple of hundred pound or so. So, let’s take a look at how you can make money, quickly without committing to any paperwork!

Freelancing/Side Hustling In Your Niche

I realise that this isn’t applicable to all and is very job dependant, but why not see if you can freelance in your industry or niche? When you hear the word freelance, what do you think of? Accountant maybe? Writer? Well there are people who do things on the side of ANY job, from personal training to cake baking. So why not have a little look see into what you feel like you’d be good at, and go forth and conquer. Dog sitter? No problem! Window cleaner? Why not! If you are going to freelance however, or set up your own side hustle, remember to register yourself as self employed. Don’t give the taxman any reason to tear your business apart before it really starts.

Take On A Second Job

If the thought of setting up your own business fills you with dread, then why not join someone else’s company? Taking on a second job is a simple way of raising a little more income. It also gives you an opportunity to go into a field you’ve always enjoyed but never wanted to go full time in. How about working at a pet store, or as a florist? Incorporate your hobbies and interests into a second job and it won’t feel like you’re working at all. Visit a website like Indeed to check out what’s about in your local area. 

Carbooting Your Old Toys

I’m a big fan of carboots. I think it’s because I was brought up going to them. My Dad was, and still is, a super handy man. A builder/concrete repair man by trade, my Dad always had side hustles going on when I was a kid. From block paving people’s patios to renting out videos around the estate like a wheeling and dealing blockbuster, there was nothing my Dad couldn’t turn his hand to. So when he started making hanging baskets and selling them at the local carboot, I knew they were going to be a hit. And they were. Also folks, I’m 29, when I was a young un, wooden hanging baskets were VERY en vogue haha.

I wish I could find a photo of one to show you, they were really clever. My Dad would come home from work and head to his shed to meticulously work on his new creations, staining them in various colours and flogging them from 6am on a Sunday. Aaaaanyway, let’s move away from Memory Lane. Carboots can be awesome at not only getting rid of all your old stuff, but earning some money too. You don’t have to sell something you’ve made, it could literally be your old collection of My Little Ponies, if you’re happy to be parted from them!

Ebaying Your Old Clothes

Ebay is essentially like a virtual carboot isn’t it? You hope for it to sell at a certain price, and then some lady called Brenda throws you an absolute curveball and offers you MUCH less than what you wanted. However, you start to internally rationalise. You won’t ever wear those shoes, so 99p is better than leaving them there gathering dust. You’re annoyed though at bloody Brenda for being so tight, but you let them go at that price, stewing all day about how you could have made a mint from your bargain jelly shoes if it wasn’t for BRENDAAAA. You can find anything now on ebay, from clothing to technology and more. So if getting up at the crack of dawn to sit at a carboot ain’t your thang, maybe rummaging through your wardrobe and taking pictures of all your old stuff is more suited.

Selling Your Old Technology

Obviously you can sell old technology on carboots or through ebay, but did you know there are actual websites out there that specialising in buying old tech? We’re also not just talking your old phones either? These companies will take your old tablets and laptops and EVEN certain games consoles. You just register online, they send you a pack out, you send your item to them and voila. Cash comes into your bank, or often you can choose vouchers. Just. Like. That.

What are your go to ways of raising cash within a month?


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