How to get healthier for less this season

How to get healthier for less this season!

If you are looking for ways of incorporating some of the latest health trends into your lifestyle without incurring and crazy costs, then I have some top tips for you. From saving money with coupons, to shopping smart and working out for free, here are some great ways to get a little healthier, without having to fork out a fortune.

Work out for free.

While there are many, many benefits to joining a gym and indeed paying for a personal trainer, you don’t need to be spending hundreds of pounds a month to begin your exercise or health kick. While hiring a trainer is great for a very specific goal, or personal development and challenges, there are plenty of ways to get your steps in without stepping foot into a gym. Walking is one of the most effective exercises there is and there is a multitude of benefits associated with it.

From preventing or managing various conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes to improving and lifting your mood, all you need is some comfy footwear and you’re ready to go! There are also ready made ‘gyms’ in certain parks around the UK. Admittedly and unfortunately I’m sure that a lot of teens have made a bit of a mess of these gyms, but it’s certainly a great incentive.

Work out with a friend.

If you must go to a gym and you must hire a personal trainer, why no discuss with them whether they would be happy to train you and a friend in one session. This would then halve the cost of your sessions, and make your work out a little more fun (or a little more competitive). Working out with a friend is also a great way to keep motivated and stay on track.

Shopping smart.

There is such a variance on prices throughout supermarkets on all manner of different foodstuffs. Did you know however that some supermarkets do their own versions of some of the most popular well known brands. One of my favourite supermarkets, Aldi, has a fabulous healthy food section, with individually portioned pots of nuts, snack bars made from fruit and nuts, and an extensive fruit and veg range.

They also do their own version of frozen meals for slimmers, and more. You could easily shave off £50-£100 per month, if not more, by switching from popular branded products, to own brand ones.

Coupons and discounts.

While you may think that adding things like protein, or multi vitamins, and natural supplements will add £££s onto your monthly shop, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can save with a Holland and Barrett discount code. There are savings across the site, and in store, and include everything from foodstuffs to supplements and even beauty and cosmetics.

Get ‘appy.

There are lots and lots of apps out there that you can use to help you with your fitness and weightloss goals. From ones that keep track of the calories you’re eating, to apps that keep a record of your steps day to day, they make a great visual aid in your journey. There are even apps that users can earn rewards with. Imagine that- earning money while you work out!

Sharing is caring.

There are so many different groups now on Facebook that you can join to inspire and motivate you on your weightloss journeys. From those that encourage you to make friends, to ones that encourage you to swap recipes, you will find hundreds of new ways to keep your motivation from waning.

What are your favourite ways on how to cut down on money while you up the intake on exercise?


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