How To Get Bright Red Hair With Emma Brown Hair And Beauty

I went in search of red hair fit for a princess for my 27th Birthday. Read on to find all about my hair fairytale and who worked their magic on my locks…

I’ll admit it. I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to dying my hair. I’m lucky in a sense that the majority of hair colours suit me, but it’s often a burden, as I get bored quickly and have no fear when it comes to changing up my hair colour. From black to blonde, to blonde to black, I’ve put my hair through a fair bit of strain, mostly using at home dye kits (shock, horror I know!) There are a huge amount of hair colours and trends you should only get done at a salon- ever tried to dip dye/ombre your own hair? Hello patches and weird lines! One of these I strongly believe is red. Red hair comes in so many variations, from natural hues of auburn to deep dark blood reds. My mission was to get beautiful Ariel red hair. Yes, as in The Little Mermaid. I’m going to confess now, I did try and do it myself, I started from a base of super dark brown. I used one of those colour removers that you got in Boots and whacked on a ‘Fiery Red’ over the top. Needless to say, my hair was anything but hot.


It wasn’t in the greatest condition either after my attempts at Disney Princess red, obviously, so I decided to book in with the lovely Emma Brown at her Salon in Clarendon Park Road. I absolutely love this salon. It’s right up my street with it’s slate grey and hot pink colour scheme, super cool lighting and GORGEOUS dogs!! The staff are pretty friendly too. I sat down with Emma and explained what I wanted, I even whipped out my phone to show her some of the hairspirations I’d saved over the past few weeks (I refrained from showing her a picture of The Little Mermaid!). We chatted about how we’d get my hair to that level of brightness and what that meant for the length of my hair. It was already fraying at the ends, so I opted for a long blunt bob that I could also mess up.


Emma began working her magic on my hair. First up, we had to lighten it. Due to my at home dye habit, my hair was a LOT of different colours. I had banding, patches and roots. SO not a good look for me, but it didn’t faze Emma at all. She explained she’d have to bleach my hair, particularly the ends where there was a lot of colour build. I SO wish I had taken an inbetween image. My roots were blonde (which made me miss being a blonde, naughty!) which went into a lovely (sarcastic obvs) dirty orange colour. From here, the bleach was washed out, and I actually went and got my eyebrows and eyelashes done (that’s another story!). When I sat back down, Emma brought over the colour chart and we discussed the intensity of the colour. We mixed a couple of different reds together to get a bespoke red, and I was excited when she brought out the mixture- it was the PERFECT red. I just hoped it’d translate on my hair.


Emma worked quickly, and covered my hair in the beautiful red dye and made sure I was topped up with a cup of tea. As I sat in my chair waiting for the colour to develop, I chatted to Emma about the Salon’s expansion. Not only have they announced some fantastic beauty services, but they have just started offering dermal fillers and relaxing line treatments! Emma had had her lips done, and she couldn’t be happier- something I too had been contemplating for a while (so watch this space for another blogpost!). Finally, after a chat and a cuppa my hair was ready to be washed. She used the Kevin Murphy Pamper Me range on my hair. This was a new range from the brand and it’s intended for people with really damaged hair (like me!). Emma had literally just got a delivery of the brand new range this morning, so if your hair needs a little TLC I’d recommend popping by and chatting to one of the stylists about Pamper me and the Kevin Murphy range, it is SO good. It also smells delicious and my hair smelt like Pamper me for days and days afterwards!


The next stage was dealing with my split and friend ends, and Emma began to cut into my hair. She’s fantastic at what she does, as she doesn’t just think about how the hair will look then and there- she cuts it in such a way that even as it’s growing out, it will still look fantastic. She blow dried my hair and I couldn’t have been happier. One hundred per cent Little Mermaid hair!


If you want to book in with Emma or her Team, see below;

Colour Services and Patch Testing

Creative colour & colour transformation services are offered by quotation following an initial consultation. A simple skin / strand test is necessary 48 hours prior to any permanent colour or curl service to ensure product compatibility.

Consultation Information
Conducting a thorough consultation prior to any service allows the stylist to clearly understand the client’s expectations and requirements, and reduces the risk of dissatisfaction at the end of the appointment. We also offer a 7 day guarantee on all services.


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