How To Create An At Home Sanctuary

Life is busy, isn’t it? Whether I’m dashing to and from meetings at work, or accepting endless invites to weddings, parties and babyshowers, it’s often I find myself a little frazzled from time to time. While I do like to be a bit of a social butterfly, I’m also a complete homebird and find nothing more comforting that spending a night in relaxing and unwinding. That’s why I have put together my top tips on creating an At Home Sanctuary for when you just need a little ‘me-time’.

Declutter Your Space

First things first when it comes to total relaxation, clean up! There is nothing more distracting than messy pots and pans, or an overflowing washing basket. There is something very satisfying, and quite relaxing in itself to sit down after a bit of a clean. Tidy home, tidy mind. There is a book all about how these little changes around you can really make an impact on your wellbeing. It is called ‘Make Your Bed’ and is written by Admiral William H. McRaven. It isn’t just about cleaning and housework mind, it’s a guide to understanding how small actions in your life can cause bigger reactions.

Set The Scene

Some people are lovers of scented candles, incense and aromatherapy. Some people can’t stand any of that. Whatever your preference is, take some time in preparing and ideal environment for you. This may include playing your favourite music, or indeed popping in your ear plugs and cutting off from the world completely. I am partial to a candle or two. My favourites are quite sweet smelling ones like vanillas and cinnamons, but I do love a good fruity scent from time to time. Scent is such an important thing for me in general, and smells can affect moods, productivity and much more.

Switch Off From The World

Ok, so this is something that I really do struggle with. I am that person with my phone constantly in my hand. I look at it every ten minutes or so, and I know it’s bad, and I know it’s annoying, but I do it. That’s why it’s good to have a bit of a breather on technology- to try and become less dependent. You don’t have to physically switch off your phone, especially if there may be people needing to get hold of you, but even just moving it to a different room will make the world of difference.

Create A Bed Haven

Is there anything more relaxing than your bed? Seriously a comfortable bed is so important for your well being. I like a firmer mattress but soft squidgy pillows. If you don’t have too much space in your room, then the Luxury single beds from Room To Sleep are a fantastic choice. You can decorate your bed with blankets, throws and cushions, and really make it your own little haven.

Eat Your Favourite Foods

For me, food is a very emotional association. Eating your favourite foods can instantly lift your mood, and it feels like a luxurious treat to yourself. It’s always better to cook your own food rather than order a takeaway, as not only is it healthier and can give you a natural boost of energy, but cooking is very rewarding and therapeutic.

Read, Paint Or Create

Try and stay off Netflix just for an evening when you are truly relaxing. It is better to read, paint or draw when you are wanting a true escape from reality. You can buy lots of adult colouring books nowadays, and these are the perfect item to destress and motivate yourself to create something beautiful. There are actually lots of health benefits in painting, and there are so many different scientific studies on how colour can affect your mood.

What are your favourite things to create an At Home Sanctuary?


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