How “Smart” Is Your Home?

Advances in technology means that our homes are becoming more “smart” by the day! Our workplaces have become more automated and computerised, these advancements are now being seen more and more within our homes. In a world where robotics are becoming a reality rather than science fiction, it won’t be long before we all have a  robotic friend who will be happy to mow the lawn, no matter what the weather is like!

What is a smart home?

A smart home is one which is controlled by a smartphone or computer technology.  This enables home owners to control and monitor the functions within their home, remotely and at a touch of a button. As long as the owner can connect to the internet, devices such as heating, lighting and security measures can be controlled. For example at the touch of a button you can turn on the infrared floor heating at home when you leave your workplace, so that your home is cosy and warm on your return.

Smart home systems are economical, as the data the smart home devices collect build up a pattern of your normal usage. For example if you leave the heating on accidentally when leaving home to go to work, your smart home system will automatically turn off your heating, as going to work is your normal everyday pattern. Of course this function can be overridden.

How did smart home technology begin?


Smart homes used to be only a pipe dream – think The Jetson’s! However technology that developed in 2005 allowed the interaction between electric wiring and wireless technology to become a reality. In 2011 technological advances meant that wireless technology could be integrated into thermostat control, smoke detectors and security cameras. Extra funding was channeled into smart home technology by the major players in manufacturing devices. More recently Apple, Amazon and Google released their own version of smart home platforms, namely Alexa, Echo and google home.

How has smart home technology changed the way we live?

Although not every home can be considered a smart home yet, smart technology is gradually playing a part in our domestic spaces.

Most newly built homes now have the option of technology being easily integrated as and when the homeowner wishes.

Many homes now have smart TV’s which allow connection to the internet and the ability to watch TV shows on demand rather than when scheduled. Advancements in light technology means that lights can adapt to the presence of people within a room and turns on and off as necessary, as well as the option to become dimmer as the smart light bulbs can assess the availability of natural daylight. Coffee makers that brew fresh coffee when you waken, fridges that create shoppings lists as contents run out, washing machines and dryers that can turn on or off wirelessly, the list of smart home functions is endless!

When you go on holiday it is possible to monitor the security of your home when you are away. The presence of an intruder is recognised immediately allowing you to call the police as soon as an intruder enters your home.

It’s incredible to realise how far technology has advanced and it makes you wonder what the future holds!



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