Home, Sweet Home? Not If You Skip These Steps

Moving into a new home, whether you’re renting or buying, should be an exciting experience. Organizing the move can be stressful enough, itself, you don’t want your first month or two there to be fraught with worries and woes. To make sure that’s not the case, make you’re proactive, nipping any new home worries in the bud. Here are a few of the major ones you should be thinking about.

Safety first

Nothing comes before being able to feel secure in your new home, so you should fix that first. For one, you should change the locks. Even if you’re renting a property, you’re allowed to change them, so long as you follow the contract, which will often say that you must inform the landlord and provide spares. When buying a home, it’s worth considering improving doors and windows with stronger models and frames, and upgrading to better lock models like euro cylinder locks. But an aspect of home security not often as talked about is the fact that knowing your neighbours can make your home significantly safer. For one, it alerts you to when there are people in the neighbourhood you’re not familiar with. But it makes you familiar to your neighbours too, which makes them more likely to notice if someone that isn’t you or your family is hanging around the home.

Take a look at the essentials

You should have hopefully investigated all these before moving in, but now’s the time to take an even closer look at the utilities in the home. It’s likely you’re going to want to upgrade your phone line, anyway, but you should get to know the location of the electric mains switch and your plumbing shut-off valve. Get the numbers for local plumbers, electricians, and general handymen when you move in too so that you can move quickly if you spot something off. Test every socket, light switch, and tap, and keep a close ear and eye out for signs that not everything is working as it should.

Freshen it up

You’re probably going to want to clean the house as soon as you get in. But some dusting and wiping aren’t enough to make it truly fresh. Think about the air you breathe. Poor air quality in the home due to gaps in the exterior will not only waste money on heating in the winter, it can be a health concern, too. Spend time looking for any air leaks in the home and consider hiring a specialist to take a look at the roof, as well. Otherwise, you’ll see higher energy bills, a higher chance of damp and mould and a more unpleasant home life, in general.

Get ready for some work

Unless it’s brand new, few homes are truly perfect on first moving in. Expect a little DIY to be a necessity. Borrow or buy some tools, enlist family and friends in advance, and go through your own little home inspection. The sooner you start listing tasks and getting on top of them, the sooner you eliminate some of the home’s more annoying quirks.

Once the home is secure, healthy, and fixed up, then it’s all about putting a little you in there. Make sure you come to the new home with some ideas or inspiration for what style you would like to see. It’s going to make it much easier to leave your stamp on it and get relaxed in all the sooner.



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