How to Hide The Telling Signs of Working from Home

If you work from home on some days, or run a business from your living room, you might be concerned about the files, cables, and paperwork lying around. If you are expecting people for dinner, or family members to stay over, you might be tempted to hide everything quick, just to be looking for them for the next few weeks. Interior designers have created great solutions for people to get rid of clutter and organize their workspace in a way that it is barely noticeable for guests. Read our tips below.

Hide Your Storage

You might want to create a storage space that blends into the environment. You can use a roller design cabinet to hide your printer and other computing accessories. There are great ways of designing a small but practical workspace that can be transformed into a normal storage facility whenever you want it to look like a part of the living area. Filing cabinets that have a flat surface will not suggest that you have all your files and invoices hiding behind them. Get  in touch with architecture firms to see how your workspace can be designed around your home. Think about built in storage to save space.

Use a Room Divider Panel

You can divide the space and close the panels whenever you expect friends. This is possibly the most flexible and cheapest option if you regularly use your living room as a home office, but don’t want to be seen and disturbed. If you get a panel that can be opened and closed on demand, you can benefit from some flexible space, without having to divide your office.

Get a Foldout Office

If you are able to get an interior designer to create a built in closet that can be folded into an office, and you can hide your desk and seat, you can use the space when you don’t need it for your living room, and get working in seconds. Some custom designs are available from online retailers, but you might want to make the most out of your space and create your own ideas. From pull-out seats to sliding door enclosures, you have several options to choose from.

Folding Doors

One of the best ways of hiding your office is to get folding or sliding doors on a small space you work from. If you use the corner of the room for your office, you can get a folding or sliding door that blends in your environment and looks quirky. Use the main colors of your room to make sure your space is well hidden. If you have a desk under the stairs, you can also get some sliding or folding doors installed, to hide your workspace from visitors.

Whether you spend all day working from home or just a few nights a month, you might want to hide your desk and computer from dinner guests. There are several creative interior design solutions created for people like you. Use the one that fits in your budget and style, and make the most out of the space available.


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