Heating Hacks For A BrrrrIlliant Winter

The nights are drawing in now and, before we know it, the temperatures will have well and truly dropped. It might only be a month or so before we see the first snowflakes of the winter!

Sure, it’s always nice when the first snow of the year comes. After all, is there anything better than a winter scene outside your window? However, I think there is one thing that we can all agree isn’t that great – the cold weather and always having to wrap up warm! It seems like every winter turns into a battle between us and the bad weather, and most of this battle is fought in our own homes. Get your home heating right, and you can enjoy a very cozy winter. That’s not quite as difficult as you might think – not when you know all of the following brrrrrilliant hacks!

Move The Sofa

I know a few people who think that they are being really clever by placing their sofa in front of a radiator. They believe that all of the heat from the radiator will be absorbed by the sofa and will keep them nice and warm while they chill out on it. But that actually isn’t the case. In fact, the sofa will simply be a blockage in front of the radiator, and it will prevent the heat from spreading around the room. Even if you just make a bit of a bigger gap between the sofa and the radiator, you will find that the heat circulates around the room a lot better.

Use Timers

There are lots of energy experts that believe you should time your central heating system to come on about thirty minutes before you get out of bed on a morning. But you need to make sure that it is set at a slightly lower temperature than what you would normally have it on. That’s because this works out a lot cheaper compared to turning it on at a higher temperature as and when you need it.

Upgrade Your Boiler

Have you had your boiler for a few years now? If so, it could be time for an upgrade. That way, you can get a much more efficient model in place, which can help you heat the house more effectively and in a way that won’t bump up your energy bills. Some households can save an impressive £350 each year once they have upgraded their boiler, so it is certainly something to think about!

Budget Insulation

You will no doubt know that a properly insulated house is key to a warm house. Unfortunately, adding lots of new insulation can be very expensive. This is where this budget tip comes in. All you need to do is spray some water on your windows and then cover them with bubble wrap. This is a great way to insulate them while trying to save some money!

Hopefully, winter won’t be too brrrrrutal this year. But, if it is, these tips will definitely help you!


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