Haute Dolci Leicester : A Pretty Sweet Review

Ok, so hands up who has the BIGGEST sweet tooth just like me? Yep, there’s something so delightfully joyful about eating dessert. You know what’s even more joyful? Eating JUST dessert! As in, skipping your dinner altogether and heading straight to the puddings. Hey, I’m an adult, I am totally allowed to do that, ok? So when I was kindly invited by the team that represents Haute Dolci, a branch of decadent and elegant dessert restaurants, I of course said a big bloody YES! I was also kindly allowed to bring two of my best friends to join me in my wondrous adventure of eating desserts sans dinner.

The restaurant is located on Granby Street, and throughout the VIP week, they were pretty secretive about the whole thing. They were giving out special keys to some of the public, and inviting journos and bloggers in to sample what they had to offer. When we first walked in, I genuinely thought we might have had the wrong place. I don’t know what I expected but the interior is absolutely GORGEOUS! It is literally something out of a film and is an amalgamation of a Michelin star restaurant, and a five-star hotel for sure. There were different types of architectural elements running throughout the restaurant, and the overall effect was polished, premium and pretty posh!

The first person who greeted us was a bright and bubbly guy called Raees. He was warm and friendly, and talked us through their extensive menu. He then introduced our waitress Shenaz who again was fun and filled with enthusiasm. I have been invited to my fair share of VIP openings and events, and I must admit, these guys seemed genuinely interested in their workplace, and us as customers. All too often you can end up a little bit robotic in service jobs (I’ve never done hospitality, but have done a lot of retail) and the pressure of a special event can often prove too overwhelming and you go into a little melt down. These guys, however, were completely at ease, and I was super impressed at Shenaz who had managed to pretty much memorise an entire menu- and trust me, the menu is large!

We started with a couple of mocktails and were presented with tiny little entrees in the form of mini chocolate cone ends. They were literally like the very best part of a cornetto, with the thick chunky chocolate towards the end of a crisp wafer cone. So far, so good. We discussed between us how hard we wanted to go here. There were starters and mains, and we were trying to work out what was best. Would we get too full if we ordered both. Would we regret not trying the starters? Do we order different things so we can taste everything. In the end, our motto was, go hard or go home, and we all ordered a mini started each and TWO mains. See, I told you. We went IN!

The starters comprised of two small bite-sized pieces of waffles, one with Nutella and nuts, the other with caramel, and one big juicy strawberry dipped in milk chocolate. What’s great about this restaurant is the sheer quantity of toppings available for your desserts. They have the trio of chocolate- milk, white and dark, as well as more daring but YUMMY toppings like toasted coconut, toasted nuts, and even broken Ferrero Rochers.

The mini starters were the perfect size, and a great indicator on what was to come. The waffle was crisp and sweet, and it almost made me regret my choices for mains, as I hadn’t opted for a full size waffle. I say almost, because as soon as my mains came, I knew I had made an excellent choice. There are so many mains to choose from, that include topped cookie dough, waffles, pancakes, crepes and even classic puddings. We actually went a little off piste and ordered both from the main menu, and from the create your own menu. In no particular order, here is what we had;


Chocolate chip cookie dough with Nutella and broken Ferrero Rocher and Rafaello. It came with a side of gelato and I chose hazelnut.

Crepe with white chocolate sauce, toasted coconuts and caramelised almonds.



Chocolate chip cookie dough with chocolate sauce, chocolate honeycomb and strawberry pearls.

Jam sponge pudding and custard.


Classic pancake stack with maple syrup and blueberries

Crepe with chocolate sauce, white chocolate curls, strawberries and a side of vanilla gelato.

I cannot fault any of these desserts. Seriously they were all so good. If you love super sweet things, then the cookie dough is going to be your new favourite. If you like sweet things but a fresher kind of sweet, then the pancakes or crepes with fruit are your go to. The pancakes I will say were insanely good. They were warm, fluffy and the perfect sweetness! Another impressive touch- you see those Haute Dolci branded white rectangles on the plates? They’re branded WHITE CHOCOLATE BADGES- you can eat them!! We all tucked in and attempted to demolish each and every dessert, but alas our eyes were bigger than our bellies and we ended up taking some leftovers home. A lovely guy called Owen came over to chat to us while we was clearing our table and popping our leftovers into little goodie bags. I am so impressed at the manners and attitudes of the staff at this restaurant, I think they’ve found the perfect balance of helpful and chatty which is great.

If you are a dessert lover like me and want to induldge in something sweet, either in place of or after dinner, then I would highly recommend Haute Dolci in Leicester.

Haute Dolci, 88 Granby St, Leicester LE1 1DJ



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