Happy 5th Birthday To Leicester’s City Laser and Skin Clinic

City Laser and Skin Clinic, which is run with Dimple Verma at the helm, is celebrated its fifth birthday this Autumn and to celebrate, they kindly invited me to review their Young Express facial. 

The popular clinic, based in The Lanes but previously in the Silver Arcade, specialises in unique solutions for all skin treatments and skin conditions. From acne to pigmentation, laser hair removal, thread vein removal and advanced electrolysis, to more bespoke treatments – the clinic is the go-to for treatments that really do transform lives.

Dimple, who is a trained and highly respected beauty and aesthetics practitioner in the city, said: “I really feel I’ve made a huge difference to people’s lives, and it’s incredibly satisfying to see. I don’t think some people really appreciate quite how much a condition can affect someone, from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) to extreme acne, it really can cause major issues in people’s self esteem. So to be able to know we can step in and help is an incredible feeling.”

She added: “We make sure we have all the very latest in technology and training in everything we do to make sure we achieve optimum results. We focus on providing a very personalised service with the best treatments and aftercare, and we ensure this is always delivered with kindness and compassion.”

Dimple has been in the trade since 2012 and has a wealth of experience, qualifications and expertise to offer clients.

“It just takes one consultation that can set people on the path to having their lives transformed, and we cannot wait for the next five years and more to help people on this journey,” she added.

Young Express successfully treats wrinkles, blemishes of the skin, the subcutaneous tissues and promotes microcirculation. The fibres, by contracting, produce a lifting effect providing a polished effect, and the treatment is valued at over £100 a session.

I headed down to the salon with both excitement and nervousness. While my skin isn’t awful, I do battle with it from time to time having PCOS. I can get quite bad hormonal acne, which is like painful little lumps under my skin. I was looking forward to seeing what the treatment could do with that as I knew I was due a breakout quite soon.

I was greeted by the lovely staff at the salon and was quickly welcomed in by Dimple. I don’t know what it is about salons but they always make me a little jittery. I think because you’re lying face up on a bed it reminds me of doctors, and dentists? Dimple’s environment however wasn’t clinical at all. Professional, clean and beautiful yes, but daunting and scary? Not a chance. She put me at ease straight away and we chatted about my skin concerns and how my PCOS affects my skin. She also deduced that I was probably stripping away too much from my skin with my current routine (I like it harsh) and was actually encouraging an excess of oil rather than the opposite effect.

The Young Express Facial Process

I laid down on the bed and we went through the process. It starts with a relaxing superficial cleanse, a deeper cleanser, and then comes the machines. The machine itself that helps with the facial uses radio frequency to send out pulses that penetrate. City Laser and Skin Clinic uses Tri Polar Photo Stimulation, which works quicker, faster and deeper, hearing skin to 42 degrees. While that sounds a little scary, the facial itself is entirely pleasant and relaxing. There are times when you can get the odd hot spot, but the intensity and the heat can bet turned down. It’s a little like the intensity and warmth of a hot stone massage. There are different settings depending on your skin concerns or problem areas, and we used the blue light therapy on mine which is good for acne prone skin. Products are used alongside the machine and finally the facial is finished with an SOS balm to help the skin settle quicker.

This facial can be used to smooth out lines, help counteract acne, reduce dark circles under eyes, and much more. With me, my face actually went rather red after, an indication that my skin is actually quite sensitive, something I never thought it was. Dimple soon counteracted this however with the aftercare, but it was interesting for me to learn that perhaps all of those harsh chemicals I put on my own skin on a regular basis are really having a detrimental effect. For the first few days, I broke out, something that I was fully prepared for, as they often do say, your skin gets rid of the toxins before shedding and revealing your brand new rejuvenated skin. This was SO true, and after a week once my breakouts had calmed down, I noticed a significant difference in the tone, the frequency of breakouts, and even the dark circles around my eyes. One of my most hated areas on my body are my super thin eyelids- they can be quite red and purplish, and as I am quite pale, this isn’t a great look. Usually even a copious amount of sleep and water only helps a tad, but with Dimple and her magic machine, they were much more of a balanced colour akin to my natural pink skin.

I asked Dimple for her recommendations on how often one should get a facial like this, and she said that for significant results, you would visit once a week for 5-6 weeks, and then have maintenance sessions every 1-3 months after that. Results are instant, but with long term usage, results are of course, even better.

I would highly recommend this as a treat to yourself, or a loved one- and with Christmas coming up, we bet that anyone would love to have some gift vouchers under their tree!


15 Loseby Lane, Leicester LE1 5DR


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