Handing Over The Reins: Building Trust In An Outside Renovation Company

We’re all precious about our homes. Why shouldn’t we be? They’re our pride and joy, our corners of the world, and the most expensive investments we’ll ever make. As such, many of us take the responsibility of home renovation on our own shoulders. We would rather struggle for months with a job than get a professional to do it in a week. After all, they would never be able to envision the way you want the place, right? This is definitely something I thought when we first moved into our house, and I did a LOT myself. Painting, spray painting and more. 

If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. We all experience some reluctance to let other people loose on our homes. But, sometimes, this can have detrimental effects. There’s no getting around the fact that you can’t always get a professional finish with DIY jobs. The professionals, however, can. This is what they do! So, it may be time to sit back and consider what’s best for your home. The chances are that a professional job would be the best option. For example, we needed some of our walls plastering, and wallpapering- there’s no way we could have done it ourselves. And I’m so glad we did that because in actual fact, there’s no reason you can’t still get the design you have in mind.


When you have builders in your home, communication is essential. The only way you can help them see your vision is by talking to them. Before work starts, sit down with the site manager and explain your concept for the space. Make sure to explain every last detail so that you leave no room for error. You need to tell them the colours you want, the light fittings you fancy, and everything between. The more information they have, the better job they can do. It may even be worth explaining what you’ll be using the room for. After this conversation, ask the team to sketch their plans so you can confirm they’ve understood your desires.

Make purchases together

Builders need to buy supplies from companies like Bryson, and many of us make the mistake of playing no part in these purchases. But, when your home is at stake, it may be worth taking a more active role. After all, how can you ensure they choose the ideal light fittings if you don’t see them beforehand. Don’t assume that the team will come to you before purchasing, either. It’s down to you to let them know that you want to have the final say. Again, details matter here. Pay close attention to everything from the screws they’re buying, to the plaster they use on your walls.

Keep an eye on things

This last step is a simple one; you need to keep an eye on work as it progresses. All renovation projects are open to tweaks here and there. But, you’ll miss the opportunity if you don’t check in with what’s happening every few hours. You need to check in often to ensure that your vision is coming to life. If not, it’s important to sit back down with the builders and discuss why not. Remember that this is your home. As such, you’re well within your rights to be a picky customer.


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