Grey Hair To Blonde Hair With YAN Hair Leicester

So, I did it again. I got bored with my hair. I dyed my hair a slate grey colour a couple of months ago, and while I loved it at first, it was hard to maintain. I used a box colour from Superdrug which was absolutely brilliant, but it faded so quickly! I knew I wanted to go back to blonde, so I let the colour fade and waited until it some rootage came through, topping it up with a blue shampoo when I felt it was going a little dingy. I was going to attempt to go back to blonde again, until my guardian hair angel contacted me. I’d previously had my hair cut by the lovely Shane Jackson at a different salon, so when he told me he’d moved to another salon and he could take me from a dull grey to a beautiful blonde, I was super excited.

Yan Hair Leicester

Yan Hair is based on Queens Road, just outside of Leicester. It’s co-owned by Yan and Robert and has around 18 staff. When I walked through the doors it was busy- always a good sign! It was also so clean, and there were floral decorations surrounding the Salon. It felt very ‘zen’ considering the hubbub both inside and outside the Salon.

I was greeted at the reception by a lovely lady who went and grabbed Shane for me. He whisked me away upstairs where it was a little quieter and we sat down and chatted about my expectations. A week before my appointment, we did a patch test so he knew that my skin wouldn’t react to anything. I always chuckle at patch tests, I mean I completely understand why they have to do them, and there are always freak incidents where you suddenly become allergic, but I’ve bleached and damaged my hair so much throughout the past decade, I don’t even think my scalp has feelings anymore! He also assured me that the products they use at the salon are 96-100% natural as they are derived from plant extracts- they even have green tea in them! This obviously varies on certain products that do have specific chemicals.

Yan Hair Leicester

The reason the products are so natural is because the salon is an Aveda Salon. In actual fact, it’s the only Aveda Salon in the City Centre. Which is an achievement in itself. Aveda only chooses a select elite group to be ambassadors for their fabulous brand. Aveda’s mission statement is “To care for the world we live in. From the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. We strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.”

Shane took me through the Aveda colours he would be using on my hair today, which was a bespoke mix of colours, individual to me and my hair, as well as the products. As I mentioned before, and throughout this blog, I have a bad habit of putting my hair through hell, so Shane recommended we use the Damage Remedy collection- something that would help the condition of my hair immensely. Plus it smelt delicious- very herbal and clean. The tubes and lids of the colours are all recyclable, another bonus to Aveda and representative of their eco-conscious ethos. Shane began applying the colour to my hair while I was presented with a special and exclusive Aveda liquorice root and peppermint tea. It’s naturally calming and relaxing, and while the taste is definitely different, it was enjoyable. It definitely added to the atmosphere- so soothing!


It didn’t take long at all for my hair to take, in fact the bottom of my hair was starting to develop before he’d even finished the top, which was fantastic! Once it had all developed I was greeted by a lovely girl at the back wash who massaged toner into my hair used those fabulous Damage Remedy products. My hair felt and smelt incredible! Very herbal and clean. I sat back down and Shane went to work on the cut. He transformed it from a limp and uneven long bob to a sharp and blunt bob that sat perfectly above my shoulders. After just over a week my hair is just as easy to manage, and looks so full due to the straight layer-less cut! I am so happy with the result, I can’t recommend Shane at Yan Hair highly enough.

Yan’s mission statement:

“22 Years of success at Yan hair, has been achieved by a commitment to ongoing training and team development. This approach led Aveda to select the stylish salon to spearhead the launch of their new 96% naturally derived colour range.

The best products, expert training, a friendly team alongside late night opening and teaching you how to recreate the salon style at home are all part of the service at Yan Hair.

The continued success of the salon is based on the simple principle that whether it’s your first, or your hundredth visit the service will make you want to come back again and again. As the team say “We don’t just want people to love their hair but also the experience.”

The salon is open six days a week, include late nights until 8pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

53A – 55 Queens Road, Leicester, LE2 1TT

*Thank you to Yan Hair who kindly offered me a free cut and blow dry in return for this review. This however does not sway my opinion in any way- I really do love it!


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