Going Nautical At Home On A Budget

There is something timelessly classic about the nautical theme – whether you are doing it in a vintage sailor way, or a fresh Californian beach vibe. The idea of bringing the beach into the home has inspired many an interior designer, and you can see revamps of the same ideas pop up every couple of years. But redecorating your entire home can cost more money than most people have in one go.

So here are a few ways you can bring the beach into your home without having to completely redecorate.


Whatever you buy, whether it’s cushions or a rug, keep in mind a consistent colour scheme. There are two very traditional beach colour palettes – the nautical red, white and navy, and the ocean scales of blues, greens, and white. Or you may decide to go slightly steampunk and use tarnished gold and black, or sleek modern with marble and gold. Whatever you chose make sure you keep it consistent.


The most literal way of bringing the sea into your home is to have some fish. Salt-water would be more appropriate, but fresh water would work too. You can get fish from most pet shops, but places like Aquatics World specialise in fish and will have more variety to chose from – for both fish and tanks.

Beach Finds

If you are an avid beach trawler, you can incorporate things you have found throughout your home. Driftwood is a common find, small pieces make excellent decorations, and larger pieces can be repurposed into things like coffee tables or a centerpiece on the side board. Shells are a vast commodity; you can fill jars and use them as ornaments. If you are lucky enough to find a large, uninhabited shell, like a conch, these on their own can be used as an ornament.


Coral is beautiful in its natural state, but by painting them to match your colour scheme – say white or gold – they can become an interesting part of the house without drawing attention to themselves. You can fix them to look like supports on free hanging shelves, or to the lids of boxes or containers as handles. Make sure you use washed up coral or buy it from a shop – don’t go chopping up a reef for you home aesthetic.  


Not everything you get has to be from the beach, and the way you introduce the beach into your home can be more subtle or quirky. Look at things like this Octopus jewelry holder on eBay. It is undoubtedly part of the ocean theme but is a cute and different way of expressing it.  


You can repurpose paddles, decking, surfboards and even rowboats to create decorations in your home. Sometimes it’s nicer to have furniture with a story behind it. You can use paddles and surfboards as wall hangings, and rowboats as awnings in the garden. Check out these repurposing ideas on Pinterest.



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