Giving Your Old Bathroom A Fresh New Look

If there’s one room in the home that should feel fresh, it’s the bathroom. Old décor can make a bathroom start to feel dingy. If you’ve been considering renovating your bathroom, here are some of the touches you should consider.

Shell out on a new shower

There’s no reason to still be ensuring a low pressure shower that goes cold every time someone uses the kitchen sink. An electric power shower that’s thermostatic can provide constant pressure and constantly warm temperature as you wash. You can also opt for a combination of two shower heads including a fixed overhead one and a handheld one.

Tap into new ideas

Taps that are mottled with limescale or rust can take away from the clean look of your bathroom. Installing some new taps could bring your bathroom back to life. Companies such as Tap Warehouse are great for getting ideas. Wall mounted taps and waterfall taps are two of the trendier and ultramodern designs that people are getting into right now.

Reflect on your choice of mirror

Mirrors can also start to get mottled over time. Consider replacing your bathroom mirror if it’s starting to look worn. Large mirrors will help to let more light into your bathroom whilst also creating the illusion of more space. You could also buy a mirrored bathroom cabinet offering extra storage as well as a mirror.

Fix up old fixtures

Some fixtures may be starting to look outdated. This could include an old toilet or a bath. In some cases adding a new toilet seat or bath panels may suffice, but in other cases the fixtures themselves may need replacing. This is not cheap and may involve hiring a plumber. However, it could be what’s needed to bring your bathroom back to life. When it comes to the toilet especially, it could be worth trading in your old handle flush for a multi-flush button.

Feel the heat

It could be worth upgrading your bathroom’s heating system to make it a cosier place in the winter. Companies such as The Underfloor Heating Store may be able to warm up those bathroom tiles making the room warmer and dryer. Instead of a radiator, you could also install a heated towel rack for drying towels faster and more efficiently.

Put some light on the subject

A bright bathroom will immediately feel fresher. Most bathrooms have only small windows, so it could be worth installing some more lighting. Spot lighting is expensive but can help to brighten up dark corners. For a more affordable lighting solution, you could be better off opting for track lighting. Keeping the décor white or in light colours will help to reflect light more, whilst mirrors will also help.


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