Give Your Home That Rustic Style With These Simple Ideas

There’s nothing like feeling safe and cosy in your home every single time you step through the door. Sleek and modern designs have their place, but when you want to feel happy and warm, there’s nothing quite like the pure comfort of home. If that sounds like your ideal setting, then your home could do with little more rustic flavour. Here are some simple ways to bring some countryside chic into your home.


Few things make more of a difference to the feeling of a home than lighting. It’s surprisingly tricky to strike the perfect balance between relaxing and comfortable, and dark and dingy. The last thing you want is for the place to end up feeling cramped. Fortunately, there’s one simple way to light your home while keeping that rustic feeling throughout. Lamps, lots of them. It’s time to start thinking about lamps not just as a light source, but as features of a room and decorations all by themselves. There are plenty of vintage lamps of every size that you can find online and in thrift stores.


For your kitchen, get rid of the tiles or cork flooring and go for some solid wooden floors. Nothing gives a greater sense of country charm than natural looking wood floors bringing a sense of natural energy into your home. For your bedroom and living room then it’s time to start thinking about thick, soft carpeting. One of the benefits of carpeting is that it’s a great way to keep your home warm. Check out these tips to keep your home warm for some more ideas on how to do the same. It might be tempting to choose a dark colour to avoid it getting dirty too easily but don’t worry. Keep your carpets clean and you’ll be able to keep the room as bright and warm as possible. Choose a light, neutral color to give the entire home a sense of both light and space.


Take everything that you know about symmetry in decoration and throw it out the window. To create the perfect rustic home you want it to look like it practically grew out of the ground one day. Just go with your instinct and cover your walls with art, photographs, anything that has some meaning to you. Just make sure not to make it too neat, a sense of naturalism is key to this design style.


Obviously, you’re not going to want anything too sleek or ultra-modern. Vintage furniture is a fantastic addition to any rustic home. For those who don’t want to spend their life savings on furniture, any old chair can be made to look perfectly charming and vintage with a slick of cream paint and a rubbing with some fine sandpaper. That vintage distressed look will make the perfect addition to your decor. For the larger furnishings like the couch, a dark leather is a fantastic way to integrate a touch of class without sacrificing the overall design.


Don’t be afraid to try things out to see what works. This is far from a minimalist style so there’s nothing wrong with trying stuff out that others might consider “clutter.” Too much empty space can ruin the safe, cosy atmosphere that you’ve worked so hard to create.



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