Give Him Something He’ll Really Love this Christmas

Boyfriends and husbands can be pretty infuriating at times, no more so when they simply shrug their shoulders when you ask them what they want for Christmas. Buying gifts for people is difficult at the best of times, but when you’re buying for someone you love, and you want to get it right, and they refuse to give you even the slightest hint what they would like to have, well it can be completely maddening.

The good news ism I’ve put together a list of ideas for gifts the most important man in your life is likely to love…

A Fast Car

Sure, you might not be able to afford a Mercedes or an M4, but thanks to the abundance of performance car hire companies that are around right now, you could rent him one for a little while. He’ll  love driving around town in his flashy new car, even if it is just for a day or two.

A Great Sound System

If your man is a huge music lover, then you really can’t go wrong with a really great sound system like the Bose Wave IV Soundtouch or the Revo SuperSystem. They’ll be delighted when they see just how much better their favourite albums sound when played through one of these superior systems.

A Holiday

Tickets might not look like much when wrapped up – they’ll hardly make an impact under the tree – but when your man opens them only to find that you’ve booked a luxury holiday for the pair of you in Palma or an adventure holiday for him and his best mate in the Amazon, well let’s just say you won’t need any mistletoe to get lots of big kisses on Christmas morning.  

An Amazon Echo Dot

If your hubby is well…let’s into sugar coat it, a bit lazy, then why not make his day by purchasing him an Amazon Echo Dot, which will enable him to do much more without ever moving from his favorite chair. Just check out this list of things the Dot can do to see why he’ll love it so much. Although you might not!

A Beer Making Kit

If he loves a good brew (and I’m not talking Tea), and you want him to have a hobby that gets him out of your hair for a few hours, so you can catch up on your favourite Netflix shows, then buying him a beer brewing kit, so he can start creating his own craft beers is ideal. You’ll get the benefit when you can taste his creations too…well if he’s any good at it anyway.

An Apple Watch

If the techie in your life doesn’t already have an Apple Watch, this Christmas is the perfect time to get him one. Not only because he’ll be thrilled to have a new bit of tech to play with, but also because New Year is traditionally the time to get active and lose weight and an Apple Watch will help with that.

I hope this helps you get him something great!


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