Give Your Curb Appeal Some Pizzazz

What’s the point in having a totally amazing and luxurious home on the inside, only for it to look run down and unwelcoming on the outside? You should arrive home each day and feel exciting to get in there. You should leave the house each day looking over your shoulder and feeling proud of the building you’re leaving. I never really thought the exterior of the house would matter to me until we rented our current house. It’s a little bit dated on the outside, and you can tell. So we’re trying our hardest to refresh it.

Curb appeal is important for a range of reasons. Not only because it’s the first thing you see when you get home, but because it’s the first thing your guests see when they arrive too. Sorry to say, but they are going to make their subconscious mind up about your home in around 3 seconds. If the outside looks shabby, it’s going to be tough to change their minds. If you plan on selling your home at all, whether now or in the future, the curb appeal will need to be taken care of too. Taking care of much of it now can take away the stress of selling your home in the future, giving you far less to do.


Without further adieu, let’s take a look at how you can give your curb appeal some pizzazz:

Paint The Building

Sometimes, your building will simply need a fresh coat of paint to look brand new and attractive. You can even use paint to make it look quirky and cute. You probably don’t want to paint it bright red, but take a look at those houses that are painted in pastel colours and look incredible! Failing on this, you could just powerwash it.

Make Repairs Both Big And Small

Keep an eye out for any repairs and do them – both big and small. This definitely isn’t a task you want to be too focused on if it comes to selling your home in the future. You should take your time fixing blocked drains or problematic drains that seem to be having the same problem continuously. Make sure you make repairs before the issues get bigger and more expensive.

Replace Doors And Windows

Replacing your doors and windows isn’t going to be cheap, and it’s not something you definitely have to do. However, if you’ve had them since you can remember and they’re definitely not providing much needed insulation and protection to the property, as well as an attractive element, you should probably consider replacing them.

Add Cool Accessories

There are so many cool accessories you can add to the outside of your home to give it some pizzazz. You could name your home or add a number to your door. Some people like to have one of those outdoor mailboxes for something a little different. You could even add cool garden ornaments that will bring texture and life to your garden.

Don’t Neglect Your Garden

Make sure you consistently maintain your garden. Keep the grass looking great, have low maintenance flowers that can bloom all year round, and whatever else you need. You might like to get a landscaper in to level things out and make it more functional. If you’d rather keep it rustic, you can invite wildlife in by adding things like bird feeders and baths.


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