Getting A Stylish Kitchen On A Budget

Every now and then, we all look at a room in our home and think “Wow, I’m really bored of this”. It happens to the best of us, no matter how much we liked the room when we first moved in or decorated. Your kitchen is an important part of your home, almost as important as your living room, but it doesn’t matter how lovely your living room is if you don’t love your kitchen just as much. Many people can’t afford to splash out buckets of money on a new kitchen, so here are some more affordable options for you.

Kitchen Cabinets

You’d be surprised how many options there are for kitchen cabinets, regardless of your budget. Even if you decide to go for a cheaper wood option, you could always paint your cabinets to match the colour scheme of the rest of the room, to give the room a flawless finish. However, if you want to splurge a little on your cabinets, then solid oak wood is a classic option. There are plenty of options here to give you some inspiration:

Splashbacks And Tiles

Depending on the type and size of tile you buy, you can add a lot of color to your room, for a relatively low price. Try choosing an affordable plain tile, such as grey, white, or cream for most of the wall, and add in more expensive, coloured tiles in a pattern of some kind. As long as the tiles all fit in your color scheme, your kitchen will look sleek and well put together. Although you could use tiles for your splashback, you will need to regularly clean the grout in between them to avoid mold growth, which is something you may not want to do. Glass or stainless steel splashbacks are much easier to clean, and would still look great against your tiles, as well as many of your kitchen appliances. It’s usually cheaper to buy these online, so make sure to have a good look around to find the most affordable for you.

Kitchen Sink

The style of kitchen sink you have will mostly revolve around how much space you have, how much you use your sink, and the style of the rest of the room. Stainless steel sinks tend to be the cheapest and are relatively low maintenance. Although they are at risk of getting scratched by your cutlery, as long as you are careful, there is little damage that could realistically occur to a stainless steel sink. Ceramic sinks are relatively uncommon for a kitchen. And so can add another dimension to the room. They do tend to be more expensive than stainless steel sinks and are at risk of chipping or getting stained. However, if you can afford it, and properly care for your sink, it would be a great option. Check out for some great options.

Affordable doesn’t need to mean boring, and it doesn’t need to mean cheap. It’s always better to spend a little more on materials that will last longer and look better than go for cheaper options and have them only last a few years. Ensure you stick to the same colour scheme throughout your kitchen, and no matter what you do it will always look stylish and well put together.


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