Getting Into The Groove Of Planning A House Move

Planning a house move is hard work. You have so many things to organize before the actual moving day, so it’s a long road of gradually-building stress. Your family not only has to think about moving from one house to another but from one place to another. You have to cut your ties with your lives in your current hometown and start planning the ways you’re going to integrate yourselves into a brand new area with brand new people. It can be quite a daunting experience. Still, here are some pieces of advice which might help you get into the groove of planning your house move.

The schedule.

You need to think about timing through this planning process. The worst thing you could do is forget about important things you need to do before you move. That’s why you need to make a list so that you have a schedule of things you need to do in a specific order. You should definitely prioritize looking into a company which specializes in removals so as to be sure that you’re getting the most professional movers to help you out on the day you head to your new home. Other things on your list should include scouting out the new area and getting your internet sorted out a few weeks in advance so that you’re not without a connection when you move in. These things take time to sort out, which is why you need to have an organized schedule so that you’re not leaving everything until it’s too late.


Organizing the physical packing process is very important. It’s not just as simple as shoving things into boxes. You really need to think about the things you’re packing up. Do you want to take everything with you, first of all? It can help to start by going through your house, rummaging through your possessions, and seeing which things you actually want to keep or use and which things have been neglected for years. Rather than being a hoarder and taking all your excess clutter with you, you want a new start when you move home. Sell all the things you no longer want (or throw them away if they’re beyond repair). The money you make can go towards affording the costly aspects of your house move.

With regards to the possessions you have left over after your big clear-out and decluttering mission, you need to have a system for organising things. Labeling things is an obvious thing to do, but you should also make sure to separate essential items from non-essentials. Also, when you first move into your home, everything’s going to be a bit chaotic and you’re going to want certain things before you’ve unpacked everything (because it could take a few days to do so). We’ll discuss this more in the next point…

Moving day.

Everything should be organised before moving day comes along, of course, but you need to think about what your plan is actually going to be on the day. Don’t pack up everything into taped boxes that are crammed full of stuff; you’re going to need some bare essentials when you first get into your home. Packing a suitcase with essentials such as toiletries and clothes is a smart move because then you won’t be frantically searching for little things that you need from the mountains of big boxes that you’ve packed. Things that you don’t put in the suitcase but you will need as soon as possible should go on the very top layer of boxes too. Just think ahead when you pack everything.


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  1. October 22, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    I find that taking the time to throw away or donate some of the stuff you’ve held into for years is a good thing to do when you move as well – it helps with the new home and new start

    Mel //

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