Get Ready for Wedding Season Now

Moving on into adulthood, you’ll probably find that you’re attending weddings every other weekend. These can be weddings of friends, family, or (hopefully, just once) your own. It is never too early to start planning out your wedding season ensemble, and with Christmas sales coming up in the New Year, the time is ripe to find an excellent little bargain that looks great but doesn’t break the bank.

Whether you’re attending as a guest, a member of the wedding party, or if it’s your big day, it makes sense to get prepared for any potential invitations coming your way over the next few months. Check out some advice for choosing the correct outfit for whatever your role might be for the ceremony.


Attending a wedding of an old friend or a co-worker is easy enough. You’re not expected to wow with your outfit – don’t take any attention away from the bride – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make an effort to look as good as possible.

Depending on the time of year (and as always, the weather) you can plan your outfit accordingly with your expectations. With 80% of weddings taking place between May and October every year, it’s likely that it will be sunny and warm. And for that, you need to dress for the occasion.

Winter sales offer a whole host of summer dresses that, even if they may no longer be “in-season” can still help you show off what you’ve got, and usually at a discounted price. If you’re not all that familiar with the bride and groom, it seems silly to splash out too much on a dress that you might only wear once, and then will just donate to a good cause.

THE + 1

So you’ve been invited to a wedding as a plus one. You don’t even know who’s getting married (hint: look for the woman in white). These kinds of invitations can be awkward, you only know one person there, and you’ll more than likely be pestered with questions about what you do, who you are, etc., etc., etc.

You can’t control what the other guests around you ask. But you can control how you look. It is essential to coordinate the formality of the occasion with your date, and from there you can plan your outfit accordingly. There’s a unique etiquette that comes with being a plus one, so with enough to worry about already, don’t let your outfit be one of them.


No, it’s not that you aren’t important enough to attend the main ceremony. Weddings cost money and sometimes there isn’t enough to accommodate and invite everyone you want. If anything, the wedding reception is the best part of a wedding; there’s no need to sit through the nuptials, there’s little to no risk of you smearing your makeup if you start crying. You’ve got it easy.

Attending a wedding reception calls for a different type of look. It’s not the main ceremony, so there’s less need to go all out in your finest dress, but there will still be photos taken, and a lot of guests will still be in their wedding attire. You don’t want to look out of place, so approach this outfit by considering what type of reception this might be.


One of the most important parts of the whole day. Bridesmaids, flower girls, train bearers help the bride enjoy her big day. For bridesmaids, you’ll need to pay for your dresses, and after that, there’s a chance you might still be waiting a few weeks or months to get any alterations completed.

It is important to start planning as early as possible when being a bridesmaid. The bride will have enough on her plate, so getting your outfit and everything else organised early will save a lot of stress and hassle for everyone involved. With your part of the big day all sorted, it will give ample time to assist with everything else that needs to be completed before the ceremony rolls around.

Considering exactly what you’re going to wear takes teamwork. It’s best to coordinate with other members of the wedding party from those with little participation to those with a lot more involvement. It would be awful for everyone involved if you show up in the same outfit as somebody else. Be smart about the whole thing, and you can help the bride have a smooth, easy day to remember.


It’s your big day! Hurrah! But you want to make sure everything is perfect, and this can be stressful. Even if most of the guests won’t know you haven’t gotten the perfect combination of dress, hair, and shoes, you will, and you don’t want to be feeling down on one of the biggest days of your life.

Preparation for your wedding is probably already well underway. You have the venue, the invitations have been sent out, and now all you need is the perfect outfit to step into married life with a smile on your face, and a killer outfit to go with it.

Finding the best look for you is all dependent on the type of style you want. Modern weddings can range from the casual to the formal, and you need to choose the style to suit the spirit of the day. Depending on your budget, wedding dresses can be found online or locally, and there are so many ways to customise for you. For the right shoes, Rachel Simpson bridal shoes offer some great ideas to match with the dress and everything else, while hair and makeup, can probably wait, for now.

While it might seem a little early to be preparing for wedding season now, these dates can creep up on you. With all the busy running around that summer entails – days out, holidays, hanging out – knowing what you are going to wear now can save any last minute panics when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for you, no matter where you fit into the wedding season.


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