Get Your Dream Wedding, And Your Man’s Too

According to conventional wisdom, a wedding is one of the biggest days in a woman’s life, but what about your hubby to be (if you’re marrying a man of course!)? Brides often get a touch of the bridezillas and forget about their man. Well, it’s a big occasion for him, too, and he should get a say. With that in mind, this is how to plan the wedding of your dreams and your partner’s.

Agree On The Budget

Probably the main reason a bride and groom fall out is money. Usually, women want to spend a little more than the men who are suspicious of the cost. There’s no doubt a wedding is a costly party, which is why it should be within your budget. The only way to create one is to put your finances together and analyse how much money you have to spend. If it’s over £10,000, you may want to contact luxury wedding planners for their services. If it’s anything less, you will have to cut costs and try and keep the expenses to a minimum.

Invite VIPs

There are people you want to experience your big day and people he wants, too. Of course, it’s easier to be objective when the people who miss the cut aren’t family. No matter how much you want everyone to be there, a compromise is essential. Clearly, certain people like mums and dads and brothers and sisters won’t miss the day. But, don’t forget that friends mean as much to him as his family in some circumstances. You know what it’s like to have the girls by your side. If there isn’t room, try and come up with a creative solution. Can you involve them in the wedding so that they have to get an invite?

Surprise Him

Guys are weird creatures and have dreams which don’t sync with their finance’s. So, it isn’t uncommon for a bride to be to put her foot down. However, there are dreams which will fit into the theme of the wedding. Take the wedding car as an example. Men love motors, and he may want something fancy and expensive. Tell him it doesn’t fit the budget and you need something cheaper, and then rent it behind his back. When it shows up on the morning of the wedding, he will freak.

Involve In Every Decision

Some brides think their finance doesn’t care and make decisions without his input. He may not care, but it’s best to ask his opinion regardless. For one thing, it makes him feel more involved in the process. Plus, it will bring you closer as a couple. Women think there will never be a day when they discuss the intimate details of a dress with their potential hubby. But, you never know until you ask. Remember that nothing off limits, no matter how “girly.”

A wedding of your dreams should be the wedding of your man’s dreams, too.


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