Furniture Worth Investing in For A New Home

Moving to a new home is always an exciting exercise but it can get expensive really quickly. Too many people panic about the prospect of furnishing a new space and end up spending more than they should on needless items that aren’t easily slotted into a variety of spaces. This leads to overspending and stressing about selling the items, or even giving them away for free. It doesn’t have to be this way! A little planning and budgeting are all that’s needed to ensure that the furniture you buy lasts a long time and is suitable to whatever home you plan on moving to in the future. Below is a list of furniture items that are definitely worth the investment.

The Bed

Just a few nights on an uncomfortable bed can wreak havoc with our well-being, causing aches, pains, and guaranteed bad mood. Investing in a good bed (that’s frame and mattress) is then essential for anyone looking to get that all-important beauty sleep. It doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive and you can definitely find good quality options to suit a range of budgets. In recent times, many mattress companies have, ahem, sprung up to provide high-quality mid-priced mattresses to everybody. When picking the look of your bed don’t be tempted to go for something loud or overly decorative as it won’t age well with the change of trends. To get the most for your money choose a neutral colour and then accessorise to your heart’s content with funky bedding and cushions to satisfy cravings for trends and colours.

The Sofa

A difficult day can be made better with some quality sofa time, unless your sofa is old and not particularly comfortable that is. Most of us will spend the largest chunk of our home time in the living room, meaning that our sofas wear out faster. A high-quality sofa will not only be a cosy place to relax on, but it will stay that way for longer. Your sofa is also a way to transform a home that struggles with hosting overnight visitors, thanks to sofa beds that are stylish and functional at once. Not sure where to find the right one? A little digging around the high-street is needed to find timeless designs though we especially like Dwell for its modern and clean range of sofas. Just like with beds, look for something that can evolve as your taste does; using fabrics, like throws and cushions, to decorate is your safest bet if you’re looking to make a pricey investment.

The Ottoman

Ottomans have lost some of their popularity but it’s worth revisiting this one-time interior design staple. Why the ottoman? Well, it’s a highly versatile piece of furniture that can work in a number of rooms, meaning you can re-purpose it again and again as you move around. Small homes can benefit from the ottoman’s storage facility whilst using it interchangeably as a coffee table or additional seating. It can work well in the bedroom, the living room, and even the hallway. A well-chosen ottoman can be quire the design feature and it’s worth considering a style outside the neutral palette; take the opportunity to choose a contrasting colour or play with pattern and texture to add an interesting, and useful, design element to any room.


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