Four Things That Will Improve Your Life In 2018

It has been said that “desire increases when fulfilment is postponed”, and while this might to some extent be true as happiness is found at the gates of an unrealised project or dream, it is essential to come up with ways to find fulfilment as we age. We find success when we are able to feel at ease with the process of living and be content with whatever life throws at us, even if sometimes these things might be a complete inconvenience.

With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to dream bigger and to make of ourselves better and healthier people. While you might not be able to make all of your dreams come true in 2018, you should be making progress towards the things that matter to you the most. Below are a few suggestions if you feel you have no clue as to what improvements you would like to make in the months ahead.

Improve your home with a solid DIY strategy in place

Your home is your safety retreat and where you are more likely to spend some of the best moments in life. Last year was a busy one, and you barely had time to make any home improvements that you said you would do. 2018 is the year in which you should stop neglecting your living space and start putting care into your surroundings. Challenging as it is to find the time to put work into your house, the end result will be worth it and will fill you with joy once you have settled into your improved nest. If you are clueless about all things DIY, these DIY tips to help add value to your house will help you find the inspiration you need to finally turn things around on your property.

Invest in what’s important and don’t give in to impulses

It is easy to get carried away and give in to impulsive behaviour in the consumerist society we live in. We are bombarded with mass media messages on what to buy every day and it is simple to see why purchases are often made in the spur of the moment rather than as a result of having a planned buying strategy in place. Your finances, however, should matter to you and if you would like to see your bank account in healthier terms this year, you should think of putting a monthly expenses strategy in place in order for you to plan accordingly. We often regret the purchases that are unplanned, and in the months ahead it will be wise for you to avoid these.

Take a healthier approach to life

Eating healthier food, drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest and exercising more regularly is what you should be prioritising this year. If you can, you should also take time to socialise and laugh more, as it is a fact that this is good for our health. The Christmas period is a time of excess and overindulgence. As a result, you should be looking to restore your body’s balance in 2018. Think of eating more vegetables and fruits and cutting your meat intake significantly, drink about two litres of water every day and get plenty of sleep, as sleep helps us repair our heart vessels as well as contributing to other crucial bodily functions. Exercise will also help you keep your immune system strong, and this will help you stay healthy and fight disease throughout the year.

Learn to love you for who you are, not what others expect you to be

Loving ourselves for who we are is a critical aspect of our lives. This might take years, or for some, it might never happen, but we should try to practise acceptance if we want to make peace with who we really are. This doesn’t mean there won’t be aspects of ourselves that we would like to or should change if for example, we feel jealousy at our friends’ successes, but it is good to ultimately accept that we are who we are and that is good enough at present. If a past action is wearing you down and you don’t seem to be able to come to terms with it, you might want to practise meditation to see if this could help you overcome your anxiety surrounding this issue. Learning to let go is vital in our self-acceptance journey.


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