Fool Everyone & Maximise Space: Hidden Storage That You Can Pull Off in Your Home

Whether you are working with a small room or you simply need some extra out of sight space to store your items, then this list is perfect for you. Below, you will find some incredible hidden storage area that you CAN pull off in your own home. Each one of these storage options is perfect to help provide you with some extra space and the best part? No one will know – unless you tell them of course.

Office in an Armoire

If you are short on space and need an office desk, there is a solution to help you save space. Simply use an armoire as your desk. This way, you can keep all your supplies inside, so they do not appear cluttered and you can simply open the armoire and work when needed.

Armoires can add a nice touch to your bedroom or even the living room. One way to transform the interior of the armoire is to utilize a peg board to hang your pens and pencils and to hang baskets/shelves/hooks. You can also transform one of the sliding drawers into a rolling shelf for your laptop.

Hide the Toothbrushes

You have likely been embarrassed to have others use your bathroom because the kids leave their toothbrushes all over the place. One way to hide the toothbrushes is to attach a small cylinder container to the inside of the sink cabinet door. This way, the brushes are easy to grab, and they are out of sight too.

Side Table Storage

Your coasters, magazines, and remote control can get in the way and they often make the space look cluttered too. A storage side table is the perfect solution as you can hide these items inside and recall them when you need to.

Hide the Trash Can

We all need a trash can, but it can be stinky and look out of place, especially when guests come over and it is just hanging out. It can be off putting to have the trash can in the kitchen, but it is needed most here. To solve the problem, why not hide the trash can?

One hidden storage idea is to either create a small wooden table that can be placed against the wall with a closed front that opens and closes and hides the trash can inside. In addition, you can attach the trash can to the interior of door that open to under the sink or you can place the trash can on a roller under the sink too. This way, the trash can is out of sight.

Hidden Storage Ideas Are Your Friend

If you have extra items that you want to store but you are simply out of room or you want to keep the items hidden, the above storage ideas can help. One of the best places to store items and keep them hidden is on the inside of cabinet doors.

We have provided you with four ideas for hidden storage…what ideas do you have for hidden storage?


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