Five Ways To Work On Your Personal Development

Progression, self-care and personal development are on the rise, and I personally am loving this. From Hygge to Lagom, to wellness and wellbeing advice and articles, it has never been easier to truly treat yourself to some well needed R&R. For me, being on the cusp of 30, self-care and personal development has never been more important. I have been guilty in the past of being that person that tries to have it all. The full time job, the blog on the side, the freelance gigs, the meetings with friends, family and a date night or two. I would do 13-14 hours of work every day for days on end, and I’d fall into bed exhausted and wake up in the morning equally as exhausted. So I’ve tried to slow down, and just listen to my body. And in actual fact, it’s made me more productive both in my personal life and at work. So, with this in mind, if you are working on your personal development, whether that be professionally or personally, I have put together 5 steps on how to do it.

Eating For Energy

I have a terrible habit of comfort eating. It really isn’t a good trait at all, and I end up feeling a lot more tired and sluggish by stuffing my face with junk. Having been on all the diets in the world, I am just trying to change how I eat, and start eating things that are going to give me a natural boost. Eating for energy is a great way to prepare myself both mentally and physically for those more demanding times, and workloads too. I am trying to snack on nuts, reduce my sugary tea intake (this is hard for me!) and add in a lot more greens to my meals.

Upping Your Exercise

Ok, so there’s this weird rumour out there that fat girls don’t exercise. Well, we do. Obviously! I really love swimming, I am such a water baby, and not only is it a great workout, but when you get a little tired, you can just float around with a worry or a care. It’s lovely. In fact, I personally think that the best place for upping your exercise is a spa, because you can alternate between exercising and extreme relaxation. Yum!

Take On A Course Or Hobby

Even though I left education a while back now, I still crave that structured learning from time to time. I love reading and studying things I am interested in, and I have so many of those self help, motivating business books. I just find a lot of things extremely interesting. If you are interested in developing yourself both personally and professionally, you could take a life changing NLP course, learn a new language or even take up a new hobby. Anything that combines learning and fun is always a winner. Aside from business training courses I’m really interested in learning a new language and maybe something creative like pottery!

Reconnect With Friends

This one is super important. For a good few months, I found myself in a rut. One that I didn’t care to get myself out of. I started cancelling plans with friends, and ended up just sitting on the sofa watching Netflix. While I still indulge in a Netflix binge or two, I have pushed myself out of that routine and have started seeing all of my friends much more. From friends I used to work with, to girls I used to go to High School with, it’s been so lovely catching up with them and I feel much more positive.

Self-Care, Rest, and More Rest!

I have really learnt to listen to my body now on when it needs rest. Whether I am slapping on a Facemask and sitting in front of the TV, or having a nice long relaxing bath, I make sure to make time out for myself. To make things more convenient to myself, I recently bought a side table that I am keeping all of my daily facecare products on. This has given me the ease and the oomph now to properly take care of my skin in the evening! It makes me feel very satisfied when climbing into bed.

What are your tips for personal and professional development?


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