Five Tips to Make Your Home Look Newer than It Is

Living in a house that looks like the rest in the neighbourhood, built in the 50’s and 60’s can provide you with a huge challenge when trying to improve the look of your property to sell it or rent it out. Most homes have the same look, layout, and even roofing and guttering structure. If you want your home to stand out and look younger and in a better condition than the rest, there are a few ways of improving its look and adding value to your property portfolio. Find out more below.

  1. Jet Cleaning

A professional jet cleaning company can give your walls and roof a good wash, so it will show a more vivid colour, and look good. You will, however, need to make sure that the house is in a good structural condition. You can get rid of dirt, pollution, and smoke, and give your home a facelift for only a few hundred pounds, if you have the money to spare.

  1. New Roof

If the condition of your roof is less than perfect, you might want to consult with a professional to assess potential cracks and structural issues. You might only need to get a part of your roof replaced, or – if you have had leaks before – you could get a brand new, more efficient solution that provides more insulation and better protection from the elements. Look for professional advice at PH Roofing and get a quote on your roofing project that will make your house warmer, greener, and more appealing.

  1. Extensions

You can change the layout of your home by adding an extension, too. Increase the size of the kitchen, add a conservatory, or extend your porch. No matter which solution you go for, you can create something unique that doesn’t resemble any of the old designs common in your area. This way, when you come to selling or renting out your house, you can differentiate your property on the market.

  1. Garage and Drive

Adding a drive, off-road parking, or a garage can increase the value and the curb appeal of your home significantly. Nobody likes old terraced houses with no parking, and the lack of safety. If you get permission from your local authority to drop the curb in front of your house, you can start your project and impress your visitors, as well as your potential buyers.

  1. Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

New windows and doors can not only improve the energy efficiency and rating of your home, but also the appearance of your property. Be brave enough to stand out, and don’t opt for the traditional white double glazed windows. Choose something that adds character and charm, and dare to stand out from the row of houses.

Whether you want to create a unique design for your older house, or are planning on selling or renting it out, it is always a good idea to focus on the first impression. Improve your home’s curb appeal, make it unique, and let it shine as new, even if it was built in the 50s.


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