Five Necessities All New & Established Wedding Photographers Should Think About

With wedding season fast approaching, it is one of the busiest for wedding photographers. Travelling the country capturing the moments of brides, grooms and guests worldwide, the wedding photographers are often the unsung heroes of the day. They can see things that nobody else can, and can express that in the medium of image. They provide their clients with lasting memories that they can treasure for a long time, so while being a wedding photographer can be highly rewarding, there are a lot of things they need to think about when it comes to preparing for the wedding, and ensuring their clients have the most wonderful day.

#1. A comfortable and appropriate outfit.

Try to make sure that what you’re wearing on the day is in keeping with the tone of the wedding, particularly if it is a glamorous and formal affair. Nobody would expect you to wear anything outside of your comfort zone of course, but if the guests are wearing Christian Louboutins and you turn up wearing battered Converse, you will certainly stick out like a sore thumb. A little bit of thought can go a long way, and your clients will thank you- especially if you get papped in the background of a candid shot that a friend or family member have taken! Find out the colour scheme of the wedding and see if you can wear something of a similar colour or style.

#2. Back up equipment.

Batteries, flashes, different lighting, even umbrellas! A wedding photographer must be prepared for all outcomes, from rain to snow, low batteries to terrible inside lighting. There would be nothing worse than running out of battery half way through the ceremony, or not having the correct protection for your camera should it start to rain heavily. Lighting indoors, particularly in old buildings can be hit and miss, so a range of portable lights that can work indoors and outdoors would be useful.

#3. Branded marketing materials.

Branding and business cards are vital. Communicate this with the bride and groom before handing out cards on the day, some people won’t appreciate it, and some people would be more than happy for you to. You would hope that you would do such a good job that your client would refer you to their friends and family anyway, but taking marketing materials wouldn’t hurt your chances of securing another booking.

#4. A second set of eyes.

There are so many different moments just waiting to be snapped at a wedding, to children making funny faces on the dance floor, to the moment the Father of the Bride wells up with pride when he leaves his daughter at the alter. No matter if you are the most talented photographer in the world, you are bound to miss some of these raw and amazing moments while you are capturing other people and things. A second set of ‘eyes’ in a second photographer or assistant will cover your back. And for that little extra cost, your clients will be able to see their special day from everybody’s point of view.

#5. A presentation of the photos that will wow your clients.

Make those photographic memories even more special with beautiful presentation when you’re sending your images to your clients. USB2U have the ability to enhance a professional photographers offering, providing unique and personalised wedding USB sticks as well as for births and other special occasions. Not only can the USB stick be branded, whether it be your logo or an image, you can order accompanying wooden boxes to store the USB in, which too can be personalised. A really beautiful way for clients to look back on their special day, and remember that you made that possible.



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