Finding The Right Vacational Nature/Urban Blend

Finding the right blend between nature and and urban environment could be the key to a wonderful vacation. This is because often, the social aspect of urban life is almost paramount to enjoying a fun and relaxing time, forging memories with our nearest and dearest. However, for the most part a vacation can only be fully enjoyed when we have time to reflect on it during the entire affair, and can experience some of the beautiful natural landscape surrounding us.

There are many places that could fulfill these requirements, but maybe none as picturesque as the following quirky locations. We are also almost certain that you may not have visited these places before, allowing a new and novel experience to be on the horizon.

British Columbia

Canada is famed for the beautiful transition between green and snow-filled spaces, but none are as beautiful, as seemingly fairytale-like in its layout, and as stunningly green at this time of year that Kelowna and surrounding territories. Heading to the Delta Hotels Grand Okanagan Resort should be enough for anyone to gain that early taster and visit to a Canadian city, as the span of the location itself is only a few miles wide. Heading even twenty miles outside of the city will yield to you the incredible breadth and geographical variance of Canada. It’s not hard to assume why the British would have stayed here and raised a historical colony, as the stunning surroundings could stop even the most stalwart soldier in their tracks.


The town of Akureyri in Northern Iceland is famed for some of the most curated and beautiful natural experiences in the country. While a large city famed for some of the best tourist destinations in the world, the tourist count here is also staggeringly easy to withstand. For some reason Iceland tends to evade the intensity of tourist ignorance, and instead serves as a bastion for anyone looking to appreciate the beauty of man made and natural creations. South of the city are the most famous Botanical Gardens, who make it a priority to preserve information about the ancient geographical and topological changes Iceland has experienced over thousands of years. Overlooking the harbor and surrounded by snow-tipped mountains, we couldn’t blame you for desiring to head here and simply enter a wonderland of nature.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are one of Britain’s best-kept secrets. Britain may not top the world in the food it exports, but you can be sure that the countryside is still one of the crowning jewels of this great nation. If you’re looking for the quintessential English village experience, slowly perusing the thatched roofs cottages of this area and heading to the many publicly preserved parks and areas of outstanding beauty, you may find yourself lazily enjoying a sandwich and tea overlooking the river, or walking your dog through the underbrush with seemingly no care at all. This is a wonderful area to escape, and the very many trees that line this area can help seemingly divide you from the rest of the world in a place you cannot help but smile to attend.

After visiting these areas, you can be sure to come back from vacation with a smile from ear to ear.



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